The causes and treatment of myopia

Myopia is a common disease in ophthalmic diseases. With the emergence of various high-tech products, it is necessary to understand the etiology and treatment of myopia.

The causes and treatment of myopia

Causes of myopia

  • 1.The distance of using eyes is too close: according to the relevant data, it is common for teenagers to use the eyes too close for a long time. Teenagers’ eyes have strong adjustment power. When the distance between books and eyes reaches 7-10 cm, they can still see objects clearly. However, if they often read books at this distance, the adjustment of eyes will be extremely tense when writing, which can form refractive (accommodative) myopia, the so-called pseudomyopia. If the long-term over regulation, so that the ciliary muscle can not flexible stretch and contraction, due to excessive regulation and caused by the expansion of the role, so that the extraocular muscle pressure on the eyeball, intraocular pressure increased, intraocular tissue congestion, coupled with youth eyeball tissue delicate, eyeball wall compression gradually extended, eyeball anterior and posterior axis lengthened, exceeding the normal value, the formation of axial myopia, the so-called true myopia. The normal reading distance should be 30-35 cm.
  • 2.Too long time to use eyes: some teenagers read, write, do homework, watch TV and so on for 3-4 hours without rest, and even go to bed to rest late at night. This not only affects the health of the body, but also makes the eyes overloaded. The muscles inside and outside the eyes are in a tense state for a long time without rest. Over time, when looking at a distance, the muscles of the eyes can not be relaxed and show spasmodic state When you look at a distance, you will feel blurred and form myopia. This is the reason why some students’ eyesight declines significantly after a holiday. It is generally advocated that 40-50 minutes of continuous reading, writing or watching TV should take a rest or look at the distance for a while.
  • 3.The illumination light is too strong or too weak: if the light is too strong, such as the sunlight shining on the writing, it will cause strong reflection, stimulate the eyes, make the eyes uncomfortable, and it is difficult to see the font clearly. On the contrary, if the light is too weak and the written lighting is insufficient, the eyes can not clearly see the font, and the head will move forward and close to the book. In both cases, the eyes are easy to be tired, and the adjustment of the eyes is excessive or spasmodic Contracture causes myopia.

Treatment of myopia

  • 1.Lens correction. Before matching glasses, we should first make clear the true degree of myopia. For teenagers, optometry should be carried out under ciliary muscle paralysis to control the regulation and eliminate pseudomyopia.
  • 2.Contact lenses for cornea. It can increase the field of vision, have a better cosmetic effect, and reduce anisometropia significantly, so as to maintain the binocular visual function. The contact lens can not only increase the vision of teenagers with myopia, but also compress the cornea to prevent further development of myopia. But we must pay attention to cleaning and sanitation, disinfection and maintenance and frequent replacement as required.
  • 3.Treatment of myopia with traditional Chinese Medicine.There are many ways to treat myopia in traditional Chinese medicine. Massage and acupuncture are common

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