The child’s myopia false becomes true. Is it the murderer?

Abstract: according to statistics, the biggest cause of pseudomyopia is unscientific eye use for a long time. Although the slogan of “reducing the burden” has been shouted for several years, the campaign of thunder, heavy rain and small points has not been effective for a long time. Due to the heavy burden of schoolwork, the myopia rate of Chinese children has a straight-line upward trend after entering school. Every

holiday, the ophthalmology clinics of major hospitals also usher in the peak period of children’s treatment. The perennial shouting of reducing the burden and pressure does not seem to reduce the heavy schoolwork pressure of children. The increasingly popular electronic products have become the “eyesight killer” of children.

like many adults, they put on glasses early and suffer from myopia. After a busy semester, the children’s eyesight was much worse than before, and they shouted that they couldn’t see the blackboard clearly. Many parents have taken their children to the hospital to find out. They can’t help worrying: is it that the degree of myopia has deepened again. Liu Xiaoning, director of the Department of pediatric ophthalmology of Zhenjiang rehabilitation ophthalmology hospital, said: “if you don’t pay close attention to the golden period and have a good rest and adjustment, pseudomyopia can easily quickly become true myopia.”

improper use of eyes. Children’s myopia is easy to “change from false to true”

8-year-old Shan Shan has been narrowing her eyes while watching TV, and her eyes are getting closer and closer to books when doing her homework. During the winter vacation, Shan Shan’s mother took her to Zhenjiang rehabilitation ophthalmology hospital to check her eyesight. After a careful examination, Professor Liu Xiaoning found that Shan Shan’s left eye was 155 degrees and her right eye was 250 degrees, and she had slight astigmatism, so she needed to wear glasses for correction. After getting to know Shanshan’s mother, director Liu learned that the problem of myopia lies in the learning machine used by children every day – in order to improve the teaching quality, the school has introduced intelligent teaching. Children accompany with the learning machine every day and do their homework at home. Some of them are also completed through the learning machine. Over time, Shanshan suffers from myopia. Liu Xiaoning said that the learning machine screen is small, and children watch it for a long time, which is easy to cause “regulatory visual fatigue”. If it is not alleviated in time, it will cause pseudomyopia. In the long run, it will become true myopia, which must be corrected by wearing glasses.

according to statistics, the biggest cause of pseudomyopia lies in the unscientific use of eyes for a long time. Although the slogan of “reducing the burden” has been shouted for several years, the campaign of thunder, heavy rain and small points has not been effective for a long time. Due to the heavy burden of schoolwork, the myopia rate of Chinese children has a straight-line upward trend after entering school. When reading, students use their eyes too much and last too long, resulting in the continuous contraction of ciliary muscle and the occurrence of adjustment tension or spasm, resulting in visual fatigue symptoms such as dizziness, eye swelling and vision loss. This kind of myopia is called pseudomyopia because of the enhanced refractive power of the eye. Liu Xiaoning stressed: “many parents failed to find out in time that their children could not see clearly because of negligence, or did not take pseudomyopia seriously after seeing a doctor. These curable ‘small glasses’ eventually evolved into true myopia.” Director Liu said that if pseudomyopia takes a proper rest or drops eyes with appropriate eye drops, it will relax the paralyzed and spastic ciliary muscles. Pay attention to eye hygiene and rational use of eyes in daily life, and there is full hope to restore normal vision.


control the growth of myopia. Corneal shaping lenses bear the brunt.


some publicity on the market say that the means of treating myopia such as drug treatment, acupoint massage and instrument assistance can effectively control or even reduce myopia. In essence, these methods only have a short-term alleviating effect on the regulating spasm caused by visual fatigue, and can not really “treat” myopia. Liu Xiaoning stressed: “myopia is irreversible. Once it is diagnosed as true myopia, so far there is no effective radical cure to make the patient’s vision completely return to normal.” The popular excimer myopia laser surgery in adults needs to be over 18 years old, which is not suitable for too young children. Worried parents can’t help feeling that they can only carry out refractive treatment by wearing glasses?

for children diagnosed with true myopia, it is recommended to use corneal shaping lens. According to Director Liu Xiaoning, MCT (corneal plastic lens) is one of the most effective methods for myopia prevention, control and correction. MCT corneal plastic lens originated in the United States and obtained FDA approval The new myopia prevention and control technology approved by (food and Drug Administration) has been popularized and applied in more than 30 countries around the world. It has been unanimously recognized by experts at international and domestic optometry academic conferences in recent years. It can effectively control the growth of juvenile myopia and has been sought after by many parents and students.

MCT corneal shaping lens is a kind of corneal shaping lens designed with special inverse geometry. Its inner surface is composed of multiple arc segments. The lens and tear layer are unevenly distributed, and the resulting hydrodynamic effect changes the geometric shape of the cornea. When sleeping, wear it in the front of the cornea for 6-8 hours. The next day, you can maintain good naked vision without wearing any glasses. Wearing glasses can gradually flatten the corneal curvature, shorten the ocular axis, and reduce the phenomenon of retinal loss of focus, so as to effectively control the development of myopia.

it is not difficult to find some old faces among the children who come to our hospital for treatment. They may come to the hospital several times a year. The reason is that the degree of myopia is deepening. If it is not controlled, it is easy to develop into high myopia, which will have an impact on learning, employment, marriage and love in the future. Long term clinical research shows that wearing ordinary frame glasses will increase the average degree of myopia by 67 degrees per year, while wearing corneal shaping glasses will only increase by 8 degrees per year. Long term use of corneal shaping glasses can make myopia within 600 degrees reach more than 1.0 vision in about a week, and can effectively control myopia. Director Liu Xiaoning reminded the majority of municipal parents that corneal shaping glasses belong to national class III medical devices. General glasses stores do not have the qualification of matching glasses. Parents need to go to a regular eye hospital for correct matching before they can wear them to their children. The wearing method and time shall be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors, and regular inspection and disinfection shall be carried out to ensure safe use.