The Development history of myopia glasses

According to information, glasses first appeared in Florence, Italy in 1289. It is said that the most important tool in the world was invented by an optician named Almato and an Italian Spina living in Pisa. . The American inventor Franklin suffered from nearsightedness and farsightedness. In 1784, he invented the farsightedness and farsightedness glasses to avoid the torment of frequent changes of two pairs of glasses. In 1825, the British astronomer George Avery invented glasses to correct astigmatism.

The Development history of myopia glasses

Some people think that the Chinese invented glasses before 2000. Although it is still a mystery who invented glasses first, it is an indisputable fact that glasses appeared in my country in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Ming Wanli Tian Yiheng in the “Leaving Blue Sun” Volume Two “Zao” article cloud: “Every time I read the article, my eyes were drowsy, and I could not discern the details, so as to cover my eyes, the spirit was not scattered, and the strokes were clear. , Bound to the back of the head, no one knows, so I asked Yu. Yu said: This is also a joke. “At this time, joke is the original name.

There are not many images and physical data of early glasses in my country. There is an old man wearing glasses in the Ming Dynasty painting “The Scenery of the Southern Metropolis” collected by the Chinese History Museum. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, China was able to produce eyeglasses. The frames were black lacquered wooden frames with tied ribbons. The lenses were polished by crystals. By the Qing dynasty, the glasses were popularized. Zhang Ziqiu said: Everyone wears glasses in myopia, and the depth of the system is clearly defined.

Ancient myopia glasses

It is more generous and lighter, and the bidding is from the descendants. “What is interesting is that the depth scale of the Qing Dynasty glasses is divided according to the twelve local branches of Zi Chouyin Yes, this is recorded in the “Xiangyan Jieyi” written by Li Guangting, a historical note in the Qing Dynasty. Since the invention of lenses in the 13th century, humans have been grinding lenses with crystal glass. In 1937, France invented a plastic spectacle lens called acrylic. Although it is not easy to break, it has poor clarity. In 1954, an engineer from the French company Izuro was inspired by the materials used to make the aircraft cockpit and invented the resin lens. Since then, this lens has become the supreme of the world lens kingdom and has been used until today

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