The expert recommended diet for curing myopia

In addition to eye hygiene, sitting posture and other objective factors, experts believe that dietotherapy can effectively treat myopia

1.Peanut, melon, seeds, date and bean cake.

The expert recommended diet for curing myopia

100g of peanuts, 50g of pumpkin seeds, 60g of red date meat, 30g of soybean flour, 250g of Japonica rice flour, mashed together with date meat and peanuts, etc., then mixed with some flour, added with proper amount of oil and water, mixed well to make cakes, steamed and eaten in a day. It can treat myopia and blurred vision.

2.Walnut milk honey drink.

Stir fry some black sesame seeds until fragrant. Stir fry and mash the walnut meat. Divide into storage bottles. Take one tablespoon each time, pour in one cup of milk, and mix with one spoonful of honey. The main treatment of myopia and dry eyes.

  1. Egg soup with walnuts and dates.

300g walnut kernel (stir fried and peeled), 250g jujube (seeded), 150g medlar, 200g fresh pig liver, chopped together, put in a porcelain basin with a little water, stew for half an hour. Take 2-3 tablespoons daily, put in 2 eggs, add some sugar and steam for the soup. This prescription is beneficial to kidney, liver, blood and eyesight. It can treat myopia and vision loss.

  1. Oyster, mushroom and seaweed soup.

250g fresh oyster meat, 200g mushroom, 30g laver, ginger, sesame oil, salt and monosodium glutamate. Boil mushrooms and ginger for 15 minutes, then add oysters and laver and cook slightly. Mix with the above ingredients and eat the soup. This prescription has the effect of nourishing kidney and liver, nourishing blood and eyesight, and is good at treating myopia and dizziness.

  1. Bean kernel rice Babao porridge.

30 grams of red beans, lentils, peanut kernels, Coix kernels, walnut meat, longan meat, lotus seeds, red dates, 500 grams of Japonica rice, porridge with water, and warm food with sugar. It can be used for invigorating the spleen, invigorating qi and brightening the eyes. It is suitable for myopia and non durable vision.

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