The foods that reverse myopia

Myopia can not be reversed by eating food alone, but some foods can help to restore vision. Generally, there are the following kinds of food, but they all need to be eaten for a long time to get effective.

The foods that reverse myopia

Food rich in vitamin A, vitamin A can also prevent and treat dry eye disease. All kinds of animal liver, cod liver oil, milk and eggs, carrots, amaranth, spinach, leek, green pepper, sweet potato are rich in vitamin A, can be more edible.

Foods rich in vitamin C, one of the components of the ocular lens. Green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage and so on are rich in vitamin C.

Eat more antioxidant foods, such as lutein, rain red globe algae food, such as corn, carrots, onion, kiwi fruit, orange, grapefruit, broccoli;

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