The harm of myopia and squinting, I have to see!

Abstract: it is often a habit for myopia to squint. When looking at the distance, they squint unconsciously. In fact, the simplest way to see the distance after myopia is to wear glasses.

myopia refers to a pathological state in which you can see clearly near but not clearly far away. It belongs to ametropia. The visual object cannot converge on the retina through the refraction of the ocular refractive system, so it cannot form a clear image on the retina. It is generally believed that the main reason for the formation of non hereditary myopia is the excessive adjustment burden brought to the eyes by excessive reading and other close activities. If you use the eyes for a long time, the ciliary muscles will spasm and temporarily lose the ability to relax, resulting in unclear vision, resulting in pseudomyopia. In the long run, the spasmodic ciliary muscle may stimulate the stretching of the anterior and posterior axis of the eye, resulting in irreversible true myopia.

when myopia squints to see things, the eyes can limit the incidence of light, so as to reduce aberration and make themselves see more clearly. Squinting at things for a long time will lead to fatigue and tension of eye muscles and deepen the degree of myopia faster.


are often short-sighted. Narrowing your eyes will become a habit. When looking at the distance, you will squint your eyes unconsciously. In fact, the easiest way to see the distance after myopia is to wear glasses. Therefore, patients with the habit of squinting should immediately get rid of this bad habit, go to the regular glasses matching institution for examination in time, and wear a pair of glasses suitable for your own diopter, so as not to deepen the diopter of your eyes in the future.

what are the hazards of shortsightedness and narrowing eyes without glasses:

1. Eyes are more likely to be tired.

always like to narrow their eyes to see things. Although they can see more clearly, it is actually more laborious. Looking at it for a long time, their eyes are more likely to be tired, especially the students in school, who have greater learning pressure, If you always squint at things, your eyesight will decline faster and faster.

2. Deepen myopia

if the degree of glasses is inconsistent, or habitually squint, you have unconsciously made the degree of myopia of your eyes higher and higher. This is why many children have been equipped with glasses, but the degree is still deepening.

3. There may be astigmatism in the eyes.

squinting can improve vision to a certain extent through the pinhole effect and fissure effect in physics. Therefore, astigmatism patients often squint when looking far away. After wearing glasses, they can correct this bad habit. It should be noted that squinting is not an inherent manifestation of astigmatism, and it can also occur in patients with myopia.