The “killer” causing eye protrusion is glasses?

Abstract: myopia itself will lengthen the wheelbase of our eyes, which may make the eyeball convex. However, there is a certain space in our orbit. After the eye axis is elongated, if the space behind is large enough, we will feel that the person’s eyeball is not protruding forward obviously.

many myopic people find that they wear glasses for a long time, and their eyeballs become more and more prominent, becoming “dead fish eyes”. In fact, exophthalmos has nothing to do with wearing glasses.

there are generally two reasons for the protrusion you see.

the first is the

caused by myopia itself. The second is the visual illusion caused by wearing glasses.

myopia is divided into refractive myopia and axial myopia, in which axial myopia is the extension of the front and rear diameter of the eyeball, It looks like the eyeball protrudes outward. According to experts, people who wear glasses for a long time often show a mixture of axial myopia and refractive myopia, so eye deformation is not caused by glasses, It is caused by myopia (axial myopia). The deeper the degree, the longer the eye axis, the more prominent the eye will look. However, this change will vary from person to person.

the first kind of myopia itself causes

Myopia itself makes the wheelbase of our eyes longer, which may make the eyeball convex. However, there is a certain space in our orbit. After the eye axis is elongated, if the space behind is large enough, we will feel that the person’s eyeball does not protrude forward obviously; However, if the orbital space is relatively small, after the eye axis is elongated, it will feel more obvious to protrude forward. This is also the reason why some people with myopia have prominent eyes, while some people are still not very obvious even if their degrees are deep.

the second visual appearance illusion

there is another case that it is just an illusion of visual appearance. According to experts, because myopia glasses are concave lenses, the eyes of people wearing glasses will look smaller, and the feeling of bulge or depression of their eyes will shrink; When you take off your glasses, you will feel significantly enlarged, so your eyes will look more prominent than when you wear glasses. This is why many people feel that their eyes will be deformed after wearing glasses for a long time.


students are nearsighted. Many parents are easily blinded by the lies of nearsightedness and glasses because they don’t understand them, which affects their children’s eye health. So what lies do students lie about myopia and wearing glasses?

1 children with myopia will wear glasses more and more deeply.

some parents, with their intuition or knowledge, stubbornly believe that wearing glasses will deepen children’s myopia, so when children are found to be myopia, they will not wear glasses for a long time. Expert analysis of


: the eye is similar to a camera. When myopia occurs, the light is focused in front of the retina, resulting in unclear imaging, while the glasses are equivalent to the lens of the camera, which is used to focus the light on the retina and make the imaging clear. Wearing frame glasses is not harmful, and it is the safest and effective way to improve eyesight. At present, there is no scientific proof that wearing glasses will deepen myopia.

2 children wear glasses after myopia, resulting in eye protrusion.

some nearsighted people take off their glasses and can see that their two eyes are very scary and their eyeballs are seriously prominent. Therefore, it is considered that the “killer” causing eye protrusion is glasses. In order not to deform their children’s eyes, they dare not match their children’s glasses. Expert analysis of


: many people are afraid to wear glasses because they are worried that wearing glasses after myopia will cause eye protrusion. In fact, this practice is wrong. Not wearing glasses because of myopia will cause unclear distant objects, which will inevitably lead to eye fatigue. The result can only promote the degree to deepen day by day. Because the eyeball of teenagers is still in the development stage, regulatory myopia is very easy to develop into axial myopia. In particular, compound myopia astigmatism is often easy to cause ametropic amblyopia if you don’t wear glasses in time. Therefore, experts suggest that if myopia occurs, you must go to the hospital ophthalmology or professional institutions for examination, and choose to wear appropriate frame glasses or contact lenses.

3 once wearing glasses, it is difficult to take them off.

many parents will have the idea that once a child is nearsighted, he must not wear glasses, because once he wears glasses, he can no longer take them off and can only wear them for a lifetime. Expert analysis of


: many people are reluctant to take them off after wearing glasses for myopia, This is mainly because the resolution of blurred images will temporarily decrease after wearing glasses (once the glasses are removed, the resolution of blurred images will recover after a period of time). In addition, people tend to have clear object images, and glasses help to obtain clear object images. The images that are difficult to remove after wearing glasses are purely normal, so there is no need to worry.

4 astigmatism. It is not necessary to wear glasses to correct

many people don’t pay attention to astigmatism, so even if the eyes have more than 200 degrees of astigmatism, they don’t have the intention of matching glasses. Expert analysis of


: experts emphasize that most astigmatism needs to be corrected. Like myopia, astigmatism is also divided into low, medium and high. Low astigmatism is within 100 degrees, moderate astigmatism is within 125 degrees – 225 degrees, and high astigmatism is above 250 degrees.

5 myopia everything will be fine as long as you wear glasses.

parents find that their children are myopia. No matter what else, they just simply match them with a pair of glasses. Expert analysis of


: treating myopia is not everything with glasses. To find out the causes of myopia, and targeted prevention. The methods to prevent the deepening of myopia can be summarized into a bit awkward words: “pay attention to the distance of close eye use” and “reduce the time of continuous close eye use”.

6 glasses can be worn all the time as long as they are not broken. Many people think that the glasses with good quality are not easy to break, and the wearing time can be longer. Expert analysis of


: the diopter of human eyes is constantly changing. Generally, adults need to check once every 1-2 years, while students are in the period of growth and development, check their eyes at least once a year, and change their glasses in time according to the doctor’s advice. Glasses have a service life and need to be replaced regularly. Generally, a pair of glasses has a long service life