The method of green protection is also simple

Abstract: many people have heard since childhood that if they read and study for a long time, they should stop to rest their eyes and see some green plants. It is precisely because green belongs to our vision protection color. Therefore, seeing more green things will help protect our vision.

the world we live in is full of all kinds of beautiful colors. It is because of the existence of these colors that we can better enjoy the beauty brought by the world. Do you know which colors are eye protection colors? Different colors of


have different levels of light absorption and reflection. Among many colors, the wavelengths of green and cyan are short, and the degree of light absorption and reflection is relatively moderate. Cyan and green in life are common in grass and trees. They can not only absorb ultraviolet rays harmful to eyes in strong light, but also reduce the harsh feeling of strong light on eyes.


eyes have different mediation degrees of ciliary muscles when looking at different colors. When looking at yellow, they will focus directly on the retina, and when looking at red, they will focus on the rear of the retina. It needs more mediation of ciliary muscles to focus on the retina. When looking at green, the focus is in front of the retina. The ciliary muscle is more relaxed than when looking at yellow. The imaging is also in front of the retina, which can relax the adjustment function of the eyes and reduce eye fatigue. Therefore, after intense study or work, looking at the green trees in the distance from the window can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. Green is a kind of vision protection color, which also plays a certain role in the protection of vision.

methods of vision protection are:

1 Sleep should not be too little. Work and rest should be regular.

lack of sleep is easy to fatigue and cause pseudomyopia.

2. Reading distance should be moderate

many children will be close to books when reading, but doing so for a long time will inevitably lead to the decline of vision. So what should be the right approach? A distance of 30 cm should be kept between eyes and books in order to protect eyes. Secondly, we should pay attention to the distance and cooperation between tables, chairs and the body in order to protect our eyesight!

3. Do not watch TV too close

when watching TV, keep six to eight times the diagonal of the TV picture, and take a break every 30 minutes.

4. Do more outdoor sports


often look out, relax your eye muscles, prevent myopia, and contact more green mountains and fields to nature, which is beneficial to the health of your eyes.


many people have heard since childhood. If you have been reading and studying for a long time, you should stop to rest your eyes and see some green plants. It is precisely because green belongs to our vision protection color. Therefore, seeing more green things will help protect your vision.


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