The most effective foods to treat myopia

Now more and more people are nearsighted. Apart from genetic factors, most of them are caused by unsanitary or excessive use of the eyes. We recommend 2 folk Chinese medicine prescriptions for dietotherapy to protect your eyesight, so that you can improve your eyesight and reduce the degree of myopia in dietotherapy. It can not only enjoy delicious food, but also treat myopia. It’s a way to make the best of both worlds!

1.Yinqi Mingmu Decoction (folk prescription)

The most effective foods to treat myopia

Indications: myopia with deficiency of liver and kidney.

Formula: 20g tremella, 20g medlar, 10g jasmine.

Usage: Decoction of the above taste, 1 dose per day for several days.

2。Stewed pig liver with wolfberry

Indications: myopia, tears in the wind.

Formula: 20g wolfberry fruit, 300g pig liver, a little oil, onion, ginger, sugar, rice wine, starch.

Usage: wash with pig liver, put wolfberry into pot, boil with water for 1 hour, remove pig liver slice for standby. Heat the oil pan, stir fry the pork liver slices in the pan with scallion and ginger, cook the white sugar and yellow rice wine and mix them into the original soup, collect the juice, hook in the starch, and the soup is clear and transparent.

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