The most important way to reverse myopia naturally

After more than 30 years of practice and exploration, the author puts forward the most important method of myopia reversal:

To be able to see clearly as far as possible and further away.

The most important way to reverse myopia naturally

No matter children or adults, and no matter how high the degree is, the most important and basic thing in the reversal of myopia is to resolutely abandon the wrong habit of using eyes in life, work and study (more than 90% of myopic people wearing glasses could have seen handwriting about 1 meter, but actually they used their eyes at a distance of about 25 cm or more), and gradually widen their reading, writing, playing and doing things Distance, always try not to bend down and bow down, do “can see clearly as far as possible, farther and farther”, implement “myopia reversal formula”

As for the other multifarious methods to prevent myopia, we can not say that it is ineffective, but without this method as the basis, its effect will be discounted or difficult to consolidate. Therefore, for other methods, do more when you have time; do less when you have less time. However, the above methods can not be ignored.

On the premise of safety, glasses can not be worn without wearing, and those with low degree will not wear high glasses. According to the improvement situation, the glasses degree will be gradually reduced.

The land is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change. Habit power is more important than Mount Tai. If you want to change the habit of bending your head and bending your arms, it is very difficult. If you use the anti myopia and anti hunchback reading and writing rack and bookshelf, you can develop the habit of stretching your arms to read and write, and to be able to see clearly as far as possible and further away.

As long as the above requirements are strictly followed and the habit distance of using eyes (reading, writing, watching, playing and doing things) is kept at about 1 meter (the above-mentioned double frame can be used for reading and writing), which will not only not deepen myopia, but also gradually improve, especially the diopter drops rapidly. Please remember and put it into practice. The light is waving to you!

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