The most powerful eye exercises to restore a clear vision

One of my friends has really improved his eyesight in my way.

Now I’ll tell you how to exercise for eyes to get rid of glasses? I don’t know if you believe me after seeing it. But it’s true or false. You can only know after trying.

First of all, I want to tell you that my family is myopic, and I am no exception. I was born with bad eyes. When I was in the first grade of primary school, I couldn’t see the words on the blackboard when I sat in the first row, so I had to wear glasses.

The most powerful eye exercises to restore a clear vision

My stature is a little tall in the class. From childhood to the sixth grade, I have been suffering from a kind of pain. It’s difficult to see things, so I came to the fourth grade. At that time, I remember that no one else in the class wore glasses. This experience makes me introverted and nobody plays with me. I hated myself, so I took off my glasses and stamped at my feet. Come home in such a daze. Mom asked me about my glasses? I said throw it away. I cried out: I hate glasses. Then I cried with my mother. In the morning of the second morning, my mother coaxed me to match my glasses. I don’t want to run out of my house and go to school. It’s still visible on the road but fuzzy. I try to see the leaves on the tree, a dark green has no change. My eyes are sour when I go to school.

how to exercise for eyes to get rid of glasses?

My classmates are surprised to see me. Even the teacher is puzzled. I said: my eyes are ready. After sitting down in class, I suddenly found that the words on the blackboard are really outlined. I can see them clearly but not very clearly. I can’t believe it. In this way, I look at the distance in my spare time every day. I look at it forcefully, absolutely forcefully. It’s not so easy to relax and look at the distance…

Every day is sour eyes, wake up to find that the eyes of the feeling of swelling no longer. But vision increased. You can see clearly when you walk. My parents can’t believe it. Take me to test my eyesight. It’s 0.9. God, I can’t believe it myself. I’m more confident. In my spare time every day, I try to observe the outline of the leaves on the campus tree. Time passed slowly. My eyesight reached 1.2 at the beginning of the fifth grade. It’s not a lie. In the sixth grade, 1.5 is no different from normal people. I still insist on this kind of training.

New year’s day.. There are beginning to be physical examinations. So I started my physical examination again. I found that I could see the smallest character without standing in the range of vision test.

Now that I have graduated from junior high school, what I want to say is that the eyes are a wonderful crystal ball of meat. I want to tell you a knowledge that no matter where you move, you can only pull your muscles. But in every position, such as when the arms are curled up, the muscles above are used, and when the arms are stretched, the muscles below are used. That is to say, the muscles are only pulled, no matter how stretched, they will not have the function of lever like a robot. People also tighten their muscles when they do mechanical dancing. At this time, the state is that all muscles of the whole body are in the state of exertion, so as to lose coordination and become a mechanical action.

What I want to tell you is that the eyeball actually can see objects by focusing. Of course, changing the focus must rely on muscle pulling adjustment. When adjusting, it is also divided into far zoom and near zoom. The biphasic zoom is definitely not the same muscle. This is my own view. I divided myself into the outer and inner ring muscles. Pulling the outer ring can make the eyes convex, pulling the inner ring muscle can make the eyes thin, when looking at the distance. The eyeball needs adjustment. When you look at something far away, the inner ring muscles of the eyeball will pull hard to thin the lens of the eyeball, which can be adjusted to look far away.Nowadays people often look at computers and mobile phones. It’s looking close. So on the contrary, it is the muscles of the outer ring that pull the lens of the eyeball to thicken in order to see near. A lot of people say: I play computer and look far away, but my eyesight will still drop.. Why?

Now let me tell you that the focus of normal eyes is about the middle distance when the outer ring and inner ring muscles are not working. That is to say, it is the middle of the human sight distance. Now if you put your strength far away, you will really exercise the inner ring muscles. This kind of exercise will avoid myopia. Don’t be sleepy. Just relax, Relax, just like a person standing now and all his muscles relax, then he will fall down in an instant, will he exercise when lying there? can’t! If you want to have strength, exercise all kinds of muscles.

I hope it will help the nearsighted. My primary school teacher taught our class in this way. She said that every half an hour, she would look at the farthest tree out of the window and count the number of branches. I have been doing the same. Now I am 30 years old, and my eyesight is always 5.3, and I keep it in a good condition. There are very few near sighted people in my primary school class.

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