The mosts simple and effective way myopia treatment by food

Myopia usually occurs in teenagers. When myopia occurs, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball is lengthened, which is related to the lack of tenacity of the white eyeball (sclera). According to medical research, myopia is related to heredity, poor use of eyes and diet preference. In recent years, researchers have found that myopia is related to the lack of zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other elements and amino acids.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, myopia is caused by deficiency of liver and kidney and deficiency of Qi and blood. Therefore, for myopia, we should not only pay attention to hygiene and overcome partial diet, but also regulate it through diet to benefit liver and kidney qi and blood and prevent it. The following diet therapy, after a lot of people response very quickly.

Steamed chicken with longan wolfberry.

The mosts imple and effective way myopia treatment by food

One baby chicken was used, and 30 grams of longan, Lycium barbarum and jujube were taken into the chicken after guts were removed. The chicken was steamed and seasoned. This product has the effect of nourishing blood, strengthening spleen, benefiting liver and eyesight. It can treat myopia, eyestrain and so on.

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