The myopia surgery with the highest roll call rate, poke in and have a look!

Abstract: generally, the operation takes three days: the first day: preoperative examination takes about two hours. The next day: the operation process was about 10 minutes, and the real laser correction time was only more than ten seconds. Day 3: review.

with the popularity of mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic devices, there are more and more myopia glasses. How do you choose in the face of myopia? Myopia laser surgery is an immediate and once and for all means of vision correction to bid farewell to glasses. It has been carried out all over the world for decades. So far, the treatment effect at home and abroad is generally satisfactory. The vast majority of patients have removed heavy glasses once and for all.

1. Am I suitable for laser myopia surgery?


myopia surgery: the degree range is 100-1800 degrees, and the age is between 18-50 years old. Corrected visual acuity above 0.5. The diopter has been stable in the past two years (its development rate is no more than 50 degrees per year). Supplementary note: if the age and diopter are within the range of treatment, a detailed preoperative examination is required to see whether other conditions of the eye meet the requirements of the operation. This can only be known after the examination results are available.

2. How long does laser myopia surgery take?

under normal circumstances, the operation takes a total of three days: the first day: preoperative examination for about two hours. The next day: the operation process was about 10 minutes, and the real laser correction time was only more than ten seconds. Day 3: review.

3. How long can normal eye use be restored after operation?

myopia laser surgery has developed into today’s knife free era. There is no need to wrap up after surgery. Vision can be restored in a few hours, and normal life and eye use can be achieved in 24 hours. Of course, in order to be safe, we should pay attention to the scientific use of eyes, use eye drops on time, recheck regularly, and pay attention to the intensity of eye use.

4. To what extent can postoperative vision be restored? Will it rebound?

postoperative vision can be restored to your best corrected vision before operation. Generally speaking, not wearing glasses after operation is equivalent to the best vision after wearing glasses before operation. The doctor can predict your postoperative vision according to the examination results.

myopia will not rebound after operation. The rebound that people usually complain about, It is mainly due to: (1) the patient did not take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice after the operation, felt that his eyesight was very good, and stopped the medicine in advance. (2) the individual differences of the patients. A very few corneal healing reactions were particularly strong, which may cause regression. However, if they were rechecked in time and found out in time, the doctor would take measures to prevent rebound.

5. What preparations should be made before laser myopia surgery?


first want to have myopia surgery. They should stop wearing contact lenses one week in advance, RGP hard contact lenses two weeks in advance, and MCT corneal shaping glasses one month in advance before they can have an examination. Secondly: if female friends, surgery should avoid physiological period, pregnancy and lactation. Third: you can’t drive by yourself when you come to check. You can take a bus or let your friends drive with you. Because the examination needs mydriasis, and the vision is blurred after mydriasis. In consideration of safety, it must be observed. Fourth: cold and fever should not be operated on.

6. Are there any sequelae of laser myopia surgery?


only need to control the contraindications, and the operation will not be dangerous. Of course, we can’t completely rule out the situation of postoperative refractive regression (that is, the visual acuity decreases after a period of time), but this situation is relatively rare. Some patients retreat and wear glasses again because of their own physique, eye condition and improper postoperative maintenance.

7. Is laser myopia surgery safe?

myopia laser surgery has a history of more than 30 years, and has developed into a quite safe and mature operation. Before operation, 18 eye health examinations are required to ensure that the patients meet the operation conditions. Even in countries like the United States, which is very strict about treatment surgery, nearly one million people receive the surgery every year, and astronauts and pilots are allowed to undergo the surgery. Countless celebrities in various countries and regions all over the world have removed their myopia glasses through myopia laser correction surgery.

8. Does laser myopia surgery hurt?

myopia laser surgery is carried out on the cornea. There are no blood vessels on the cornea and abundant nerve endings on the surface. The operation is to completely anesthetize the nerve endings on the corneal surface through eye drops of surface anesthetic. There is no perception during laser treatment, so there is no pain.