The mystery of eyes traditional Chinese medicine teaches you to see health from your eyes

Abstract: eyes are also a barometer of physical health. We can see a person’s physical health from the eyes. Let traditional Chinese medicine teach us if we look at health from the eyes. The

eyes are the windows of the soul and are born in accordance with the sun, moon and stars in the universe. They are also of great significance in the study of astrology. From the eyes, we can see whether a person is really healthy or just sub-health. So sometimes we also call it a barometer of good health.

1. The lower pouch of


is puffy, and the dark color is the syndrome of kidney deficiency and water flooding. Red and swollen upper and lower pouch indicates spleen heat. Sunken eye socket, mostly due to deficiency of body fluid or serious injury of Qi and blood. If you see a person who has been seriously ill for a long time and his eyes are deeply sunken, it means that the essence and Qi of the five zang organs and six organs are exhausted, the disease is difficult to treat or the prognosis is poor; If you have blurred vision or can’t see things, your essence and Qi have been removed, and Yin and yang are separated. If the eyes are raised, accompanied by swollen neck, overeating, emaciation and irritability, it is hyperthyroidism. If the eyes are raised, accompanied by dyspnea, wheezing and unable to lie down, it is mostly emphysema. Monocular protrusion is often a tumor in the brain.

2. Look at the eyes

if the patient’s vision is clear and the eyes are black and white, the disease is easy to treat. If the white eye color is turbid, the black eye color is sluggish, and the eyes are dull, the disease is difficult to treat.

3. Those with red eyes are mostly suffering from solid fever. White eye red is lung fire, common fire eye disease; The whole eyeball is red, swollen and painful, mostly due to wind heat syndrome of liver meridian. Yellow eyes are jaundice. There are blue or purple brown spots of different sizes in the white eye, which is ascariasis. If the pouch is black and dull, it is kidney deficiency.


4. Look at the eyes


, and they can’t rotate. It is often a dangerous time of wind shock or mental decline. Strabismus or hyperopia is a sign of convulsion or spasm. Sleep dew eyes, mostly for children with weak spleen and stomach, or slow convulsion. Pupil dilation is mostly a syndrome of renal essence depletion, which is a sign of critical illness, but it can also be seen in disturbance of liver, gallbladder, wind and fire, drug poisoning, trauma, etc. Pupil narrowing, mostly liver and kidney strain, disturbance of deficiency fire, or excessive liver and gallbladder fire, can also be seen in drug poisoning.

5. Eyelid jump

eyelid jump because of orbicularis oculi muscle spasm, everyone may have encountered it in life. Most of the causes are eye muscle fatigue, lack of rest and sleep, or anemia, excessive smoking and alcohol. Most people can disappear in a short time by relaxing mental pressure, taking a proper rest and cooperating with local hot compress.

6. The whites of the eyes turn yellow.

the whites of the eyes are actually divided into inner and outer layers, one of which is called sclera. If the liver suffers from diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, it will make the sclera yellow, that is, “jaundice”. Huang Zhongwei explained that these yellows were caused by bilirubin produced by hemoglobin decomposition.

and the outer layer is called bulbar conjunctiva. After long-term pollution by ultraviolet rays and dust, it will produce adverse reactions of pigmentation. White eyes turn dark yellow and black eyes become turbid. Therefore, it is more common in the elderly.

7. White bleeding

when you see a bright red white, it is actually caused by the rupture of the blood vessels of the bulbar conjunctiva. However, some people will mistakenly think it is “fundus” bleeding, which is wrong. In fact, it is “ocular surface” bleeding, which is generally caused by eye injury or wear. It should be warned that if there is no external cause, bleeding often occurs, such as vascular sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes or hematopathy such as thrombocytopenia in the eye. But forced cough, habitual constipation or a few women during menstruation will also occur.

8. Eyelid edema

eyelid edema is generally caused by the reduction of visceral function and the accumulation of water in the body. Most of them are decreased kidney and gastrointestinal function, or heart disease. The specific situation needs to be determined by comprehensive systemic symptoms and laboratory examination. But generally speaking, most of acute nephritis is obvious in the morning. For people with poor heart function, edema will first appear in the legs, and then gradually develop upward until the face, eyelids and other parts.

9. Eyelid ptosis

eyelid ptosis refers to eyelid ptosis. It is generally recognized that the eyelid skin of middle-aged and elderly people will sag naturally, which is not only a sign of aging, but also a natural phenomenon. But eyelid ptosis will also appear in the eyes of myasthenia gravis, brain tumor, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and so on, but the performance is different. For example, myasthenia gravis is more slowly onset, lighter in the morning and heavier in the morning, with obvious fluctuation. If it is caused by diabetes, brain tumor and stroke, it will become acute. It will also have other symptoms such as inflexibility of the eyes, vision and heavy shadows.

10. Eyelid “xanthoma”

if there are light yellow plaques of different sizes, slightly floating eyelids on the eyelids, and the eyelids appear symmetrically, it is called pseudoxanthoma, which is mostly seen in middle age and above. Huang Zhongwei said that this is not a real tumor, but we should first rule out the possibility of vascular sclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

which diseases are prone to eye health problems?




and a small amount of retinal hemorrhage are one of the earliest clues to type 2 diabetes. Joseph Pizzi Menti, an associate professor of Ophthalmology at Nova Southeastern University, pointed out that many clinical patients found this symptom in ophthalmologic examination, but they were not diagnosed with diabetes at that time. If not treated in time, allowing it to develop may lead to blindness. Early detection can consciously change lifestyle, such as weight control, healthy diet, and effective management can halve the risk of blindness.

rheumatoid arthritis

25% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis will have eye problems, and the most common is dry eye. In addition, iritis is also an important clue. If a person has iritis twice in a year or three times in a year and a half, it is necessary to suspect the possibility of rheumatoid. Manson explained that some inflammatory substances in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis are waterLevels rise, and they sometimes enter the eye and cause inflammation.


vascular damage, such as arterial fragility or stenosis, may be a signal of hypertension. Dr. Jessica slaski, ophthalmologist of Weill Cornell School of medicine, said that multiple large sample studies found that retinal small vessel stenosis was associated with cardiovascular disease, and this correlation was more obvious in people without conventional cardiovascular risk factors.

multiple sclerosis

Mitchell Manson, President of the American optometry Association, Optic neuritis can sometimes be a sign of multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system. Optic neuritis occurs in 75% of patients with this disease, and it is the first symptom in 25% of patients.

some cancers

Sometimes eye tests can even save lives, pittsmenti said. Many malignant tumors also show up in the eyes. Some types of retinal hemorrhage may be a sign of leukemia. Some brain tumors will change the patient’s visual field, which can be diagnosed by ophthalmologists.


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