The poor effect of eye exercises is due to the wrong acupoints

Abstract: Recently, the “attack” post on the effect of eye exercises has been widely spread on microblog, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Eye exercises is a comprehensive massage method based on Chinese medical massage, meridian theory and sports medical treatment. Over the years, what effect do we “massage” those acupoints around our eyes? What acupuncture points are there around the eyes? What is the use of acupoints around the eyes of?

Has its own advantages and stronger synergy. In the ophthalmology of past dynasties in China, there are many records of acupoints around the eyes. To sum up, the main acupoints distributed around the eyes are: Jingming acupoint, zanzhu acupoint, Yuyao acupoint, silk and bamboo hole, temple, tongzilu acupoint, qiuhou acupoint, Chengqi acupoint, Yintang acupoint, Tianying acupoint, etc.

Rubbing different acupoints has different effects on the eyes: for example, Sibai acupoint is also a very important acupoint. Sibai point is below Chengqi point, in the depression below the lower orbital bone, directly facing the pupil. Pressing and kneading this acupoint has the effects of relaxing meridians, activating collaterals and brightening eyes, alleviating eye fatigue or dizziness, and also has the effect of headache. In addition, because the Sibai point belongs to the stomach meridian, regular pressing and kneading of the Sibai point can also increase the blood oxygen flow and eliminate bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Therefore, Sibai acupoint is also known as “beauty acupoint”. For another example, Jingming point is in the upper corner of the orbit, 1 cm away from the eye. Pressing and rubbing Jingming acupoints can alleviate the problems of red, swollen and dry eyes and tears in the wind; Chengqi point is directly below the pupil and between the eyeball and the lower edge of the orbit. It can not only correct myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and amblyopia, but also reduce the symptoms of dizziness. In addition, long-term extrusion of Jingming point has cosmetic effect, which is helpful to control pouch. Tongzilu point is located in a depression about one finger wide outside the corner of the eye. Pressing and kneading this point can reduce eye fatigue and congestion.

There are also acupoints above the eyes. For example, zanzhu acupoint is on the inner side of the eyebrow, that is, at the eyebrow. If you use your eyes for a long time, if you find that your eyes are congested and feel headache, massage zanzhu acupoint can appropriately alleviate it; In the middle of the eyebrows is the fish waist point. Regular massage of the fish waist point helps to improve the tension of the eye muscles; The part below the fish waist point, above the eyelid and next to the orbit is called Shangming point. Massage these acupoints is good for relieving eye fatigue. In addition, the temple is also a acupoint familiar to everyone. There are often such pictures on TV: when you feel very tired after working for a long time, stop and massage your temples, which often has the effect of refreshing your brain and eyes. Ms. Jia said that these acupoints often have a lot in common with each other. For example, massage Jingming acupoint and zanzhu acupoint are helpful to shed tears in the wind; For another example, many women who love beauty know that often massaging the acupoints around the eyes can alleviate the dark circles under the eyes, but this often requires several acupoints to work together to have a better and more obvious effect – the same is the principle of eye exercises. And, most importantly, it takes a long time. Is eye exercises useful? The wrong location and too little effort will affect the effect. So, how to explain the recent widespread concern that netizens have posted microblogs claiming that “eye exercises are useless”? “At present, many vision health care institutions massage and stimulate the acupoints around the eyes through various methods, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting myopia.

Through practice, it is found that this method is indeed effective.” Ms. Jia told reporters that in their view, eye exercises are indeed useful, but the main reasons why they did not play their due role are: first, find the wrong position; Second, the massage is not enough. “For many children who come to our center for vision correction, we will have a test on them in the early stage. During the test, we found that these children do eye exercises in a variety of ways.” Ms. Jia said that the acupoints massaged by most children are not accurate, and no one usually corrects them. “Some teachers and parents are confused and don’t know the exact location of acupoints.

Therefore, many children learn wrong from the beginning. Imagine, will massaging the wrong acupoints be effective?” Ms. Jia said that in addition, there are strength requirements for acupoint massage. “You should have the feeling of acid and swelling. Therefore, when massaging these acupoints, you must use force. However, our investigation found that most children don’t like this feeling of acid and swelling. In addition, they are young, so the strength used in eye exercises is not enough, and they can’t achieve the expected effect.” “Massage acupoints can help alleviate eye fatigue and help children with pseudomyopia. But it doesn’t mean that eye exercises are omnipotent.” Ms. Jia pointed out that people should treat eye exercises with a correct attitude. “Now, children use a lot of eyes. In addition to completing homework in class and after class, playing games, computers and iPads have a great impact on their eyesight. In addition, if their parents are myopic, their children may be inherited. In this case, it is useless to improve their eyesight by eye exercises.”


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