The popularity of electronic products is the main reason for the younger age of myopic people

Abstract: there are more and more patients with myopia in our life, especially some teenagers and even children suffer from myopia. In addition to some eye diseases, the popularity of electronic products also leads to the high incidence of myopia and the younger and younger age of myopia patients to a certain extent.

electronic products are now full around us. People are overwhelmed by all kinds of smart phones, tablets, games and entertainment software. Especially for children, they have higher acceptance and interest in this new thing, so many children are very comfortable with all kinds of electronic products. In this way, It leads to the low age of myopia, so the popularity of electronic products is the main reason for the low age of myopia.


in the ophthalmology clinic of the hospital, we can often see that many parents bring their children for vision testing and myopia glasses. Among them, there are some children with high myopia. Many ophthalmologists also said that the main reason why children suffer from myopia is that they often play with computers, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products.

and because most of today’s children are only children and have no playmates, many parents will give their children a mobile phone or tablet to pass the time. If they use electronic products for a long time, their children’s eyeballs will be badly stimulated, resulting in visual fatigue, resulting in myopia.

but it should be noted that many children have blurred vision. In fact, it is pseudomyopia. Parents should distinguish between true myopia and pseudomyopia before matching their children with glasses. If it is pseudomyopia, their vision will recover through appropriate rehabilitation training and adjustment. If it is true myopia, We should wear glasses for children in time. At the same time, for some young children, some children may be accompanied by congenital amblyopia. Congenital amblyopia should be corrected through special treatment and testing.


therefore, in order to avoid children suffering from myopia, it is necessary to keep children away from mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products, often take children for outdoor sports, see more distant scenery, and let children participate in more extracurricular activities. Through ball games, kite flying and other activities, they can adjust and relax their eyes, It can play a very good role in alleviating visual fatigue, so that children should rest their eyes after learning and reading for a period of time.