The real cause of myopia

myopia is formed by adjusting the lens diopter through the contraction and relaxation of ciliary muscle, so that we can see the distant and near scenery clearly on the retina.

why do we have myopia? Myopia is to see clearly near and blurred far! We use our eyes close for a long time, resulting in continuous contraction of the ciliary muscle. When we look far, there is a temporary obstacle to the ciliary muscle, and it will be blurred when we look far.

and are we tired of myopia? From the perspective of fatigue, myopia should be that we always look close, and fatigue should be that we don’t see close clearly? Because we can’t see clearly, we don’t relax the ciliary muscle at all. How can we be tired and can’t see clearly in the distance? Are we not going to see far, but reducing and degrading the function of far vision?

do we always look at myopia with the length of the ocular axis? This problem itself has a big problem! The ocular axis can not measure the degree of myopia. There are differences in the size of the human eye, and the length of the ocular axis is normal, (the contradiction of this problem is obvious! That is why the naked eye vision of the same eye axis is different, that is, the length of the eye axis of the same naked eye vision is also different?) when we look near, the ciliary muscle contracts, the eyeball becomes smaller, and the eye axis will become longer relatively. When we look far, the eye axis will become shorter with the dilation of the ciliary muscle! That is, the length of the eye axis changes dynamically! And we Is it reasonable to distinguish true and false myopia with mydriasis? First, let’s look at the working mechanism of mydriasis: mydriasis is to measure the degree of myopia by anesthetizing the ciliary muscle and temporarily losing the contraction function of the ciliary muscle! The difference between before and after mydriasis is pseudomyopia, and after mydriasis is true myopia? Pseudomyopia can be restored, but true myopia can’t be restored to normal? (this is the explanation given by the society) if the ciliary muscle cannot relax normally in the short term, it can be recovered. Can it not be recovered if the ciliary muscle cannot relax normally in the long term? In fact, if the eye axis cannot relax normally in a short time, the mydriasis can be recovered, and if the mydriasis cannot relax normally in a long time, it can not work at all. That is the definition of true myopia? Can it not be recovered? To answer this question, we first need to solve how we can return to normal? Traditional correction can not only restore vision, but also aggravate and promote the development of myopia! Vision function will be improved if it is reduced, but it is easier for ciliary muscle diastolic failure to return to normal in a short time, while it is more difficult for ciliary muscle diastolic failure to return to normal in a long time!

myopia is only a normal physiological phenomenon. Recovery is normal, and failure to recover is abnormal. 95% of myopia in our society should recover. It’s just that we have problems with our cognition of myopia, which leads to more and more serious myopia problems, making the vast majority of people who should have healthy eyesight become visually disabled! This trend has not changed!


are actually very simple to restore vision, but it is not easy to control our eyes, Lack of systematic operation to enable us to use our eyes scientifically (because only a few people can grasp it, that is, they have the same eye habit and will not be myopic)


It is very simple to restore normal vision, that is, to relax the dilated ciliary muscle function and open the myopia. This is to exercise and use the function of eye organs. Don’t use drugs to achieve it. The healthy and sound function of human physiological organs lies in exercise and use. If you don’t exercise and use, the normal function will be lost! As a normal and healthy organ, the function of the eye is consistent with any of our organs!

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