The real ways to improve eyesight without surgery

Eyes are the treasure of the human body. Like the sun, like the light. How beautiful nature is, if the eyes are blind, it is also dark. The author of this article used to be a 400 degree myopia. After his master taught him this method, he practiced it for three months, i.e. wearing 200 degree glasses, then practicing it for three months. Now he takes off his glasses and recovers his normal vision.

ways to improve eyesight without surgery

The author deeply felt the magic effect of this skill, sighed that there were so many people who were short-sighted in the world, and convinced the master that he was allowed to teach this skill in his native land. According to the author, if the vision is at O.5 (the lowest point), it can recover to 1.0 degree in three months. Other eye diseases can be cured. This is the experience he gained from three years of service.

Practice method:

The first way is to stand at the foot of the mountain (the city can be in the park) in the morning facing the East where the sun rises and relax,About three or five minutes before the sun rises, immediately support the ground with both hands parallel to each other (the palm touches the ground downward), with both hands shoulder wide and arms straight, Keep your feet together and straighten,inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Inner guard the pubic region,When you look at the dew on the grass, you can’t close your eyes for a moment.

The second ,When the sun rises out of the clouds, get up and pat the sundries on your hands. Immediately stand up and pas de cheval . Your hands rise from both sides of your body to be shoulder level. At this time, inhale your nose. When your hands are shoulder level, change your hands and put them on your flanks. Slowly push them forward. Breathe out your nose and keep still. covetous look at the sun . Breathe naturally. When the sun is rising, change back to the first move.

The third pattern is the same as the first pattern (about five minutes).

The fourth step is to stand back to the second step. You can close your eyes gently and stand still with your palms and take back the place of Dantian. After returning to Dantian, you can sit cross legged, put your hands on your knees, turn your eyes slowly, turn left and right 36 times respectively, and then rub your hands to generate heat. Dry and wash your face.

Regular practice of this skill can not only eliminate the fatigue and tension of the eyes, but also make yourself healthy and energetic, which is cherished by those who hope.

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