The reason for children’s low vision and myopia is eating this!

Abstract: children are short-sighted at a young age. In addition to watching TV and using the computer for too long, they spend more than two or three hours a day, resulting in decreased vision. Another important reason is: too much sugar!

in recent years, the prevalence of low vision and myopia among young people has increased year by year. I often see news about 8-year-old children’s myopia of 700 degrees! A 2-and-a-half-year-old child has 500 degrees of myopia! Looking at it is also frightening… Eyes are the visual organ for human beings to directly understand the objective world. Without eyes, our feeling around us will be dark.


children are short-sighted at a young age. In addition to watching TV and using the computer for too long, they spend more than two or three hours a day, resulting in decreased vision. Another important reason is: too much sugar!

what’s the harm of eating too much sugar?

endocrine system diseases

candy or sweets contain a lot of sugar and high calories. Eating too much is easy to lead to obesity. After getting fat, it may also cause cardiovascular diseases.

excessive sweets will also increase the burden on the pancreas. The body in a high glucose environment for a long time, which will upset the body’s original balance of the internal environment, blood sugar secretion too much, the risk of diabetes. Especially children with family history of diabetes should pay more attention to eating less sugar and taking more exercise.

what is the relationship between sugar and myopia? It really matters! When


sugars are metabolized in the human body, they need a lot of vitamin B1 to help and reduce the content of calcium in the body. Vitamin B1 has a protective effect on the optic nerve, and its content will affect the state of the optic nerve. Calcium is the “protector” of eye tissue. Calcium deficiency will not only reduce the elasticity of retina, increase the pressure in crystalline body, elongate the anterior and posterior diameter of eyeball, affect the tenacity of eyeball wall and be prone to myopia.

too much sugar will also increase the degree of myopia! Because of too much sugar, the blood sugar increases, which correspondingly reduces the osmotic pressure of body fluid, so that the aqueous humor in the eyeball penetrates into the crystalline body, causing lens deformation, increased diopter and aggravating myopia.


candy and sweets are not very high in calories? How can you be malnourished? In fact, high calories and nutrition are not the same thing! Because sugar can only supply calories and has no other nutritional value. When eating more sugar every day, eating other nutrients is bound to reduce, resulting in the lack of protein, vitamins and minerals in the body, which is very easy to cause nutritional imbalance.

some children don’t want to eat when they eat too much sugar. If they accidentally change into dental caries and have pain when chewing food, it will also affect their appetite. As time goes on, it will lead to nutritional deficiency and affect their growth and development.


some children are not only eccentric, but also active, inattentive and poor academic performance. A survey found that a considerable part of children with similar symptoms are related to excessive intake of sweets.


from the perspective of medicine, if there is too much sugar in the body, the metabolites such as pyruvate and lactic acid will increase significantly. At this time, a large amount of vitamin B1 needs to be consumed to accelerate the excretion of these metabolites. However, vitamin B1 cannot be synthesized naturally in the body and depends entirely on food intake, But partial eclipse children are difficult to eat more foods containing vitamin B1.

when vitamin B1 is deficient in the body, sugar metabolites such as pyruvate will accumulate in the brain, resulting in abnormal personality of children.

low immunity and affect sleep

a recent study found that sweets can reduce human immunity. Under normal circumstances, the average phagocytic capacity of a white blood cell in human blood is 14. After eating a dessert, it will become 10, after eating a sugary dessert, it will become 5, and after eating a piece of cream chocolate, it will become 2. It can be seen that sweets have a certain impact on immunity.

in addition, eating too many sweets also has adverse effects on sleep. Researchers have investigated 1000 people with sleep disorders and found that more than 87% of them like sweets. How can


make children eat less sweets?

hide sweets

don’t put sweets cans and bottles where children can see them at a glance or where they can reach them. During the New Year holidays, it is inevitable to buy a lot of sweets. At this time, we should try our best not to let the baby know and control the amount of sweets loaded each time.

should not eat sweets before meals and before going to bed.


before eating sweets before meals can easily reduce the appetite of the baby. After eating sweet food will increase the absorption of heat, let the baby become a little fat early, and excessive insulin secretion is easy to induce diabetes. This is also the fundamental reason for the low age of diabetes in recent years. Eating sweets before going to bed is easy to get dental disease.


use substitutes to gradually reduce the amount of sweet food


if the baby is addicted to sweets and it is difficult to control, you can find some healthy sweets to replace high calorie sweets such as chocolate, candy and cake, such as pure fruit juice and raisins, and slowly dilute the taste to gradually reduce the amount of sweet food for the baby.

control your baby’s sweet food from an early age.

control your baby’s sugar intake from the diet from the beginning. Generally speaking, the daily sugar intake of the baby should not exceed 0.5g per kilogram of body weight. In other words, if the baby’s weight is 10kg, his daily sugar intake should not exceed 5g, which is equivalent to one and a half pieces of candy on the market.