The rumor of “myopia” is easy to go into misunderstanding!

Abstract: in fact, presbyopia is a kind of senile disease. Myopia also has presbyopia. Myopia is to see the near object clearly, and the far object can’t see clearly, while presbyopia is to see the near object clearly, and the far object is the same as the original.

rumor 1: myopia will not grow old when it gets old.


as the saying goes, “if you don’t spend, you will be forty-eight”. The vast majority of people are about 48 years old. Due to the weakening and hardening of the elasticity of the eye lens, their regulatory function is weakened, and they can’t see objects at close distance, while the vision barrier that objects at long distance can see clearly is called presbyopia, commonly known as “presbyopia”.

there is also a saying in life that people with myopia will not get presbyopia when they are old. Is that true?

in fact, presbyopia is a kind of senile disease. Myopia also has presbyopia. Myopia is to see the near object clearly, and the far object can’t see clearly, while presbyopia is to see the near object clearly, and the far object is the same as the original. If the original myopic person has presbyopia, the degree of the corrective lenses of myopia and presbyopia is positive and negative, which can be neutralized, and the symptoms of presbyopia are “offset”, which gives people the misunderstanding that myopia will not presbyopia.


for example, some people have 200 degrees of myopia, and the presbyopia is also 200 degrees. The lens degrees just offset it, but they still need to wear 200 degrees of myopia glasses to see far away, and presbyopia glasses are not needed to see near objects.

but what myopia and presbyopia can offset is only the part of “looking close”. When looking far, you still have to wear myopia glasses. For example, if you have 800 degrees of myopia and 200 degrees of presbyopia, you need to wear 800 degrees of myopia glasses when you are far away and 600 degrees of myopia glasses as presbyopia glasses when you are near.

in short, the law of myopia with presbyopic glasses, and the algebraic sum of myopia and presbyopic degrees.


are short-sighted and old-fashioned. How do you wear these glasses?


can be equipped with a pair of myopia glasses and a pair of presbyopia glasses, which can be worn on demand. However, it should be noted that before matching presbyopic glasses, you should go to a professional institution for far vision examination and optometry to understand the refractive status.

rumor 2: squinting at things will increase the degree of myopia.

some people with low degree of myopia often don’t wear glasses at ordinary times. When they can’t see clearly, they habitually squint. Squint to see things, can you increase the degree of myopia?

squinting at things will indeed cause further decline in vision, and this habit will also increase astigmatism. In detail, when squinting at things, eyes are easy to be tired, and eye fatigue will aggravate the development of myopia. On the other hand, the upper and lower eyelids contact with the eyeball, the exposed part of the eye narrows, and the cornea is oppressed, resulting in astigmatism. The symptoms of astigmatism are usually double shadows.

rumor 3: high myopia will inherit

many pregnant couples with thick lenses on the bridge of their nose often have such doubts. Will high myopia be inherited to their children? Experts explained that myopia above 600 degrees is called high myopia in medicine. High myopia is generally divided into pathological and physiological.

if it is pathological high myopia, scientific research shows that genetic factors account for 60% of high myopia. Clinical practice has proved that when both parents are myopic, the probability of children suffering from high myopia is greater. Compared with children whose parents have normal eyes, children with high myopia do have an increased risk factor for high myopia from the perspective of physiology.


rumor 4: it is best to wear


below the normal correction degree when wearing glasses. When wearing myopia glasses, they often wear lenses 50 degrees below the normal correction degree. Some people even ask for 100-200 degrees lower in order to reduce the burden on glasses.

is it right to wear glasses below the normal correction degree? The degree of


myopia glasses should be determined according to age, refractive state and whether there are other visual problems. If it is for adults and there are no other eye diseases, the degree has been relatively stable, and the appropriate reduction of the degree does not matter much. It can be seen according to their eye needs. However, the reduction degree should not be too low, and about 50 degrees is the best.


have a concept of life vision in statistical epidemiology. They believe that vision is no less than 0.5, and there is no problem in normal life. However, some people are used to a clear life. If these people wear glasses lower than the correction degree, they will squint when looking at things, which may lead to visual fatigue; For the blurred world, it does not affect normal life, so there is no problem wearing glasses lower than corrected vision.


if they are children, try not to wear glasses, participate in outdoor sports and take care of their eyes without affecting their normal life; When it is necessary to wear glasses, it is necessary to wear glasses of normal degree, because the degree of children is still developing. If the degree is lower than the correction value, it will lead to squinting, etc., which will aggravate eye fatigue and further increase the degree of myopia.