The same is myopia. Three typical mistakes make the child’s degree grow very fast

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: the same is myopia. Three typical errors make the degree of children grow very fast.

after myopia,

do you want to wear glasses for children?and

cram classes?

why don’t some children have myopia?

children’s myopia

can be said to have become a difficult problem in the


different coping styles

have different effects

today we’ll

to see what the classic

“error demonstration”

myopia is and don’t wear glasses

wrong demonstration 1

when children wear glasses, their eyes seem to lack aura and their activities are inconvenient. More importantly, it is an unacceptable fact that the child has been myopia.

because of this, how many parents hold the self deceptive attitude of “as long as I don’t wear glasses, I won’t be short-sighted” and still insist not to wear glasses after their children are short-sighted.

the result is:

children are myopic and can’t see clearly, resulting in the need to squint at the blackboard.and

squint, resulting in faster fatigue of children’s eyes and abnormal adjustment.

because the eyes are in a state of tension for a long time, the degree of myopia gradually deepens.and

can not be seen clearly after deepening, and then a vicious circle develops into moderate or even high myopia.and

are equipped with glasses and do not reviewand

errors. Demonstration 2and

can reach this step. You have defeated 30% of parents, but you still need to work hard.

just like the height changes all the time, the myopia degree of children in growth and development also changes rapidly. This is because while the body develops, the eyeballs are also getting bigger and longer. The longer the ocular axis, the more myopia increases.and

many children have jumped 10 cm in a summer vacation, and their myopia has deepened by more than 100 degrees.

therefore, you should go to the ophthalmic hospital regularly every semester to track the visual development.

for children with rapid growth of myopia, more targeted intervention measures should be taken, such as fitting OK glasses.and

in addition, each pair of glasses has a service life. If scratch and film peeling occur, the correction effect will also be affected. When rechecking your eyesight, you can also check the use of glasses.

do not pay attention to the combination of work and rest

error demonstration 3

there is also a misunderstanding that children do not know how to combine work and rest. Thought that with glasses on, the child could see clearly and would not be tired.

in fact, in addition to being unable to see clearly and squint, using your eyes closely for a long time, such as doing homework, reading, using your mobile phone, etc., without paying attention to rest, will also lead to eye fatigue and tension. Theand

healthy close eye use time should not exceed 40 minutes each time, and the continuous use of electronic products should not exceed 30 minutes as far as possible.

during the rest period, you can overlook the scenery 5 meters away or take a walk or exercise. In short, let your eyes look into the distance. Each rest should be more than 10 minutes.

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