The so-called “low radiation” LCD screen actually hurts the eyes

Abstract: since the LCD screen was born with the slogan of “low radiation”, computers and televisions in both units and homes began to be updated in order to better protect eyes. Especially some families with children do not hesitate to spend in this regard. After all, the baby’s eyes are more important. Experts point out that LCD screens can also affect vision.

children have poor visual adjustment ability and incomplete development of ocular nerves and muscles. They are prone to discomfort when watching three-dimensional images, affecting the focusing function of the eyes. In the long run, they will also cause amblyopia or strabismus.

therefore, the key to protecting the baby’s eyes is not to let the baby contact the computer and TV too early, let alone watch three-dimensional images, but to take them to contact three-dimensional things in nature. Preschool children are in a critical period of vision development. Parents should pay special attention to not letting their children watch while watching LCD TV, three-dimensional images and playing games.

if the baby squints or squints at things, it’s best to go to the hospital first to find out the cause