The Special food for curing myopia

The provider of this prescription is a practicing Chinese medicine teacher and professor. One day when we were making tea and chatting, we talked about this prescription. His nephew once had myopia of 1000 degrees, he told him to drink the above prescription every day. Eight months later, the nephew’s myopia dropped to only 200 degrees. So this is a prescription that has been successful through personal experience.

Ingredients: longan meat + longan core (i.e. longan with core), medlar.

Boiling method: the above three kinds of right amount, add water to boil into tea, longan kernel does not need to be broken.

Serving method: it’s good to drink ordinary tea every day for at least two months. (if it is not effective, you can give up drinking. If it is effective but not satisfied, you should continue drinking.)

Efficacy: all the eye problems related to the abnormal lens of the eye, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc.

Key point: be sure to use longan core, only longan meat, the effect is half.

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