There is a good recipe for preventing baby myopia

Abstract: at present, the myopia rate of teenagers and children is increasing, and the number of myopia is increasing. How to prevent baby myopia is the focus of parents’ attention. The incidence of

myopia is higher and higher, and the age of occurrence is lower and lower. It is urgent to protect children’s vision. In order to prevent myopia and protect the baby’s eyes, parents should start with dolls as much as possible. It is suggested to do the following:

1. Pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy.

modern medical research has proved that human eye development is mainly in the mother’s early pregnancy, that is, 40 days before pregnancy. At this time, we should do a good job in the health care of pregnant women, strengthen disease prevention, pay attention to eating high protein and vitamin rich food, increase resistance, and do not drink, smoke or use drugs at will. If pregnant women suffer from rubella, cold and fever, or are invaded by other viruses and bacteria, coupled with improper medication, it will have a certain adverse impact on the normal development of fetal eyeballs, resulting in congenital eye diseases. Myopia is one of them.

of course, if parents are highly myopic, the rate of myopia in their children is higher than that of ordinary people due to genetic reasons, but if we pay attention to pregnancy health care, the situation will be improved.

2. Children’s balanced diet

when it comes to children’s myopia, most people will only blame the light on being too dark or too strong, or watching TV, playing video games, reading and writing posture. However, the latest research of scientists shows that the improper arrangement of three meals is also a factor that can not be ignored. In order to prevent children from wearing glasses too early, in addition to providing rich protein and vitamins, the following types of food are indispensable: calcium deficiency is one of the important reasons for poor vision development and even myopia.

recommendations: milk, bean products, fish and shrimp, animal bones, etc. Chromium is also an essential mineral element for human body. Its role in eye development is to keep its osmotic pressure balanced. Otherwise, it can lead to lens bulging and protruding and become myopia. Children need about 50-200 micrograms of chromium per day.

in addition, often give children food with certain hardness, increase chewing frequency and strength, and promote the development of children’s vision. Recommendation: carrot, fruit, mustard head, animal bone, beans, etc.

3. Pay attention to eye hygiene

many parents have tried their best to prevent and treat their children’s myopia, but they still can’t prevent the occurrence and development of their children’s myopia. In fact, instead of passively protecting the eyesight of infants and young children, it is better to help children establish a healthy life content and way to fundamentally solve the problem of excessive eye use. Parents can start from the following aspects:


. First, help children choose TV programs and reduce the time of watching TV. Parents should never use TV as a nanny. Although infants can learn a lot from TV, experts have found that passive learning is far less beneficial to children’s brain development than active learning. Parents should learn to turn off the TV and entertain in other ways.

the second is to replace video games with outdoor activities. We all know that video games damage vision, but we can’t pull children away from the game console. Japanese mothers arrange a fixed time to take their children out to play every day. Some mothers form a mutual aid group and one mother leads several children to play. The children not only exercise their body, reduce their children’s time playing game consoles, protect their eyesight, but also enhance their social ability. These Chinese parents should study hard. The

three is to select the essence reading material for children to read. Some parents want their children to be successful and attach great importance to early childhood education. They let their children read many books since childhood. If their children’s eyes are too tired, their eyesight will decline. Early childhood education should be less and more precise. In particular, it should be noted that each time should not exceed 15-20 minutes, so that learning can be in line with children’s learning psychology and the effect will be better.

warm tips: parents should also pay attention to their children’s reading posture. It is not good for their eyes to be too close to the book. Their neck is bent into a dead bend. It is more harmful to lower their head when reading. They should teach their children not to lower their head when reading.