There is a secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine for hyperopia

Abstract: [syndrome analysis] those with clear vision and blurred vision are mostly caused by the deficiency of kidney yin and the inability of the brilliance in the eyes to converge to the near vision. Those with blurred vision and near vision are mostly caused by the deficiency of congenital endowment or the deficiency of liver and kidney and the scattered brilliance in the eyes.

The eye at rest forms a focus behind the retina of parallel light, which is called hyperopia. In ancient times, it was called near and far phobia, and it was named hyperopia in Dacheng of Mu Jing. Now the research on eye diseases of traditional Chinese medicine is more and more in-depth. Here is a brief introduction to the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hyperopia.

TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment of hyperopia

I Internal treatment

[main syndrome] clear vision, blurred vision, or blurred vision. There can be no obvious discomfort in the whole body, or pulse syndrome of liver and kidney deficiency.

[syndrome analysis] those with clear vision and blurred vision are mostly caused by insufficient kidney yin and unable to converge the brilliance in the eyes. Those with blurred vision are mostly caused by congenital endowment deficiency or liver and kidney deficiency and scattered brilliance in the eyes.

[treatment] tonifying the liver and kidney.

【 prescription 】 dizhi pill or Qiju Dihuang pill is added or subtracted. The main medicine in front is asparagus, Rehmannia glutinosa, nourishing the kidney and clearing away heat; the main medicine is chrysanthemum to help clear the liver and brighten the eyes, and Fructus aurantii regulates Qi and stomach, so that it can be used for those with Yin deficiency and heat. The rear part nourishes the liver and kidney, benefits the eyes and brightens the eyes, especially for those with insufficient liver and kidney.

II. Acupuncture therapy

It is to select Taiyang, zanzhu, Chengqi and other acupoints and cooperate with Fengchi, Yiming and other acupoints for acupuncture. 1-2 main points and matching points are selected each time, once a day, 20-30 days as a course of treatment.

attached: hyperopia traditional Chinese medicine diet


[raw materials] 10g medlar, 10g chrysanthemum, 10g mulberry, 10 red dates and 2 tablespoons of honey.

[preparation method] the above five kinds, in addition to honey, add water to fry, boil for 30 minutes and take the head juice. Take two juice according to the above method.

[eating method] take it twice a day, 3-4 hours apart from the first and second juices. Take it separately. Add 1 spoonful of honey and eat red dates.

tips: we need to take it regularly.

food therapy formula 2

[raw materials] 10g medlar, 3G tangerine peel, 10 longan meat, 10 red dates, 20 lotus seeds and 2 spoons of honey.

[preparation method] Chinese wolfberry fruit and orange peel are put into a bag made of two layers of gauze and boiled with longan meat, lotus seeds and red dates for about 1 hour. After the red dates and lotus seeds are soft and cooked, remove the Chinese wolfberry fruit and old peel bag and add honey.

[eating method] eat it twice at breakfast and noon.


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