These 10 common sense glasses are all rumors!

Abstract: many people worry that they “can’t take off” after wearing glasses. That’s because once they wear glasses, their eyes suddenly become clear from fuzziness. After adapting to this clarity, they don’t want to take off their glasses and return to the original hazy state.

myopic people will not get presbyopia

experts explain: the human eye is like a camera, with automatic zoom function. After old age, the lens hardens, just like the lens is rusty and can’t focus. It’s natural to lose sight when looking close. So, will myopic people grow old? The eyes of myopic patients are also aging, and presbyopia will also appear, but the presbyopia degree of myopic patients is just neutralized by the myopia degree, so presbyopia behaves later than people with normal vision. Just like the lens of myopia patients will never harden, it is impossible. Therefore, friends who are short-sighted when they are young will also suffer from old flowers when they are old.

after wearing glasses, the degree of myopia will be deeper and deeper.

experts explained: children with myopia have more and more degrees of myopia, which is not caused by wearing glasses. Children and adolescents are in the development stage. The eyeballs will grow as the body grows with age, so myopia will gradually deepen. This is the reason why many children wear thicker glasses. At the age of 16, the growth and development of the human body slows down, and the increase of myopia will also slow down. Myopia will stabilize only after adults at the age of 18.

many people worry that they “can’t take them off” after wearing glasses? That’s because once you put on your glasses, your eyes suddenly become clear from fuzziness. After adapting to this clarity, you don’t want to take off your glasses and return to the original hazy state. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take off your glasses after you put them on. After adulthood, eye development stops and the eye axis is no longer extended. If the degree of myopia is not too high and you don’t feel uncomfortable without glasses, you can not wear glasses often.

wearing glasses will deform the eyes and cause eyeball protrusion

experts explained that eyeball protrusion is not due to wearing framed glasses for a long time, but due to high myopia. The deformation of eyeball is due to the lengthening of optic axis and prominent visual breadth after the degree of myopia is deepened. This is a problem of the eye itself, which has nothing to do with wearing glasses. Almost all high myopia have axial growth and significant thinning of sclera at the posterior pole of the eye. In higher degree cases, this thinning can extend to the equator, but the front half of the eye is normal. The eyeballs of patients with


are obviously enlarged and prominent, plus the growth of ocular axis. Eyeball protrusion will be more obvious. From the appearance, it really affects the beauty.

therefore, if people with moderate myopia or below wear glasses for a long time, they will not have exophthalmos. If people with high myopia have exophthalmos, it is also because of the appearance changes caused by the lesions of the eyes themselves, which has nothing to do with innocent glasses.


wear contact lenses and cannot perform ophthalmic surgery.


experts explain that contact lenses have an impact on the cornea, but do not affect the operation. There are no blood vessels in the cornea. The nutrition, oxygen and metabolic waste required by cells are exchanged through the aqueous humor on the inner surface of the cornea and the tears on the outside. Wearing contact lenses makes this exchange ineffective, and cells may be damaged by hypoxia. At the same time, the corneal endothelial cell layer is non renewable, and all kinds of ophthalmic surgery will always damage some corneal endothelial cells, but it is not impossible to do ophthalmic surgery.

contact lenses can prevent myopia from deepening.

experts explained: there is no evidence that wearing ordinary contact lenses has the function of correcting myopia, and only corneal shaping lenses are a treatment means to prevent myopia from deepening. Corneal plastic lens is a special hard breathable corneal contact lens (RGP). It can temporarily correct the cornea, but it needs to be used under the guidance of ophthalmologists. Adults over 45 years old with myopia and aging are not suitable for keratoplasty.

wearing contact barbecue lenses will melt

experts explained: This is a true rumor. Most contact lenses are made of polymer materials, with a melting point of more than 100 ℃, and people’s eyes will automatically close in case of high temperature. If the lenses can melt, the whole face will be burned. Therefore, the lens will never melt unless the flame directly enters the eyes.

color changing glasses may cause blindness

experts explained: color changing lenses contain silver halide chemical components. Whenever exposed to ultraviolet or some visible light, a series of chemical reactions will occur, making the lenses change from colorless to colored. It is generally believed that the pupil of the eye will automatically expand in a dark environment, resulting in UV penetration into the lens and causing lesions. The color changing lens with excellent quality can adjust the lens color according to the changes of surrounding light conditions, effectively block 95% ultraviolet rays and protect eyes from strong light stimulation.

too thick eye makeup will suffer from eye stones.

experts explained: “eye stones” are not stones, but actually conjunctival aggregates, which are formed by the accumulation of degenerative epithelium and secretions produced by conjunctivitis. “Eye stones” generally grow on the conjunctiva. It really has little to do with make-up. People who don’t make up will also get them. It is mainly caused by not paying attention to eye hygiene.

too long on the Internet will lead to retinal detachment.

experts explain: there are many reasons for retinal detachment, but healthy people will not cause retinal detachment only through simple Internet. According to the website of the National Institutes of Health Institute of Ophthalmology, The reasons for retinal detachment are as follows:

· high myopia

· retinal detachment of the other eye

· family history

· after cataract surgery

· other eye diseases such as retinal splitting

· eye injury

retinal detachment, People of all ages will encounter it, and most of them are men over the age of 40.

“correcting” myopia is a special way to cure myopiaMany people think that “correcting” myopia is to cure myopia. Myopia, hurry to “correct” it, and the problem will be solved. Is that true?


are limited to people’s understanding and the current situation of basic and clinical research. At present, the treatment of ametropia is still limited to correction, there is no really effective treatment, and it is impossible to fundamentally cure myopia and hyperopia.