These three tips help prevent myopia

look at your company. Are there seven or eight colleagues in ten who wear glasses? In the past, there were very few people who wore glasses for myopia. Now it’s strange to see friends who don’t wear glasses. Even if we go to the street and see that many people have four eyes, myopia will bring some inconvenience to our life, How should we prevent myopia in our daily life? Here are some tips from apple green health experts. Let’s have a look!

1. Correct sitting posture

many people do not sit properly either at work or at rest and play. Improper sitting posture is also easy to cause our myopia, which is easy to increase the burden on our eyes by 2-3 times, resulting in fatigue of neck muscles and nape, and Unconsciously leaning forward will lead to vision loss in the long run. Therefore, we often say that sitting has sitting phase and standing has standing phase, which is the truth.

2. Watch less TV and use less computers

nowadays, electronic products are very developed. Many people are a family of computers and mobile phones, which are inseparable from these electronic products. However, we should try to reduce our daily contact with televisions, computers, game consoles and other electrical equipment that radiate to human eyes, because, The X-ray radiated by the picture tube can consume a lot of rhodopsin in the retina, which can significantly reduce vision. Don’t be too addicted to these products. Don’t spend too long on these aspects in a day!

3. Pay attention to the diet structure

eating the right food is also very helpful for us to prevent myopia! Our daily nutritional intake should be balanced. Partial or excessive intake of sugar and protein, resulting in the lack of trace elements such as zinc, calcium and chromium, is not conducive to vision health. The prevention method is to eat more vegetables, fruits, liver, fish and other foods. These foods are very common. You can eat more on weekdays!

what are the methods to prevent myopia? The above is the relevant knowledge introduced to us by apple green health experts. It’s good not to be short-sighted. If you can see handsome men and beautiful women clearly first, you won’t leave your glasses, and the whole person will have no sense of security, not to mention all kinds of misunderstandings caused by the inability of acquaintances to see clearly. Therefore, we should sit correctly on weekdays, don’t always face all kinds of electronic products, and the diet should be nutritionally balanced to prevent myopia!

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