This is the most complete secret recipe for vision recovery. Myopia and presbyopia recovered to 1.0 in three months

Abstract: leek is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, cellulose and volatile oil. In addition, leek also contains anti biomass, which has the effects of seasoning and sterilization.

Faces the computer at work, faces the TV at work, and looks at the mobile phone during the journey to and from work. Do you feel that your eyes are getting blurred? Even if you wear glasses, you can’t stop the decline of your eyesight.

Don’t worry. I will now introduce several methods that can help restore your eyesight!

1, pinch the wrist, the eye is not spent, you can see clearly! Pension point has the function of clearing the head, brightening the eyes, relaxing muscles and activating collaterals. Often pressing and rubbing this point is good for alleviating myopia and presbyopia.

Quick acupoint selection with: with the back of the hand facing upward, observe the little finger side of the wrist in this state, and the protruding part of the bone can be seen with the naked eye. Touch this part with your fingers to touch the crack, and the pension point is in the crack. Massage method: finger press 10 to 20 times in the morning and evening every day. In this way, the pain at the acupoints will disappear and the eye diseases will be relieved slowly after about 3 months. Pinch your fingers to suppress cataract! These acupuncture points are located on both sides and in the middle of the thumb joint. Mingyan and Fengyan can improve acute conjunctivitis and inhibit senile cataract. People whose eyes are easily tired at ordinary times should stimulate these three acupoints twice a day, as long as they finger press with the strength of slightly feeling the pain.

(There are three adjacent acupoints on our thumb, namely Mingyan, Fengyan and Dakong bone). Pressing the eyes and eyebrows without dizziness and head pain, zanzhu acupoint has the effects of soothing the liver, brightening the eyes and refreshing the brain, improving headache, dizziness and eyelid beat.

2, pinch the eyebrows! Eyes relax

Quick acupoint selection: the acupoint is located in the depression of the inner edge of the eyebrow. Wash your hands before kneading to avoid eye infection. In addition, the strength should be moderate, and it is appropriate to feel a little pain, so as not to hurt the eyeball too much.

3, eye nine palace massage

4 Function of massaging the nine palaces of the eye: Taking the eye as the center for “meter” massage can activate the surrounding of the eye (in all directions) tissue cells, open up relevant meridians, promote smooth blood circulation in the eyes, and adhere to massage twice a day, which can effectively prevent a variety of eye diseases; long-term massage of eye acupoints can alleviate and partially treat the eye diseases. After massage, the eyes feel bright, which can obviously eliminate eye fatigue.

5 Eye acupoints (and massage points 6, 8 and 9) and the mechanism of prevention and treatment of eye diseases:

fish waist: through Waiqi acupoint, middle point of eyebrow. Indications: corneal pannus, conjunctivitis, ptosis of eyelid, bone pain of eyebrow edge.

Four white: stomach meridian, eyes facing squarely, pupil straight, next finger, depression above cheekbones. Indications: red, itchy and painful eyes, pannus, crooked mouth and eyes, facial paralysis.

Jingming: Bladder Meridian, inner corner of the eye. Indications: red eye swelling and pain, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, cataract, optic nerve atrophy.

pupil: gallbladder meridian, external canthus. Indications: ametropia, corneal leukoplakia, keratitis, optic atrophy.

zanzhu: Bladder Meridian, inner end of eyebrow. Indications: blurred vision, corneal leukoplakia, tears, crooked mouth and eyes. 6. Massage point: about one finger outside Sibai point (Ashi point).

silk and bamboo hollow: Sanjiao Jing, outer end of eyebrow. Indications: dizziness, red eyes, conjunctivitis.

massage point: about one finger inside Sibai point (Ashi point).

massage point: eyeball (Ashi point). Description of

: the above acupuncture points and massage points are arranged in the order of massage.

take the left eye as an example, first massage the positive (ten) characters of (meter) shape: 1 upper end, 2 lower end, 3 left end and 4 right end. Then press the crossed (ten) characters: 5 upper left, 6 lower right, 7 upper right and 8 lower left. Finally, turn the eyeball and 9 is the center of the word (m).

6. massage methods:

1. When massaging from 1 to 8, gently rub and press both eyes with appropriate strength with both hands at the same time and massage in sequence.

2. When massaging from 1 to 8, massage with the index finger (or middle finger) of both hands respectively.

3. Massage 1 (fish waist), massage 2 (four white), massage 3 (inner corner of the eye) When massaging 4 (outer corner of the eye), 5 (inner tip of the eyebrow), 6 (the massage point about one finger on the outside of Sibai point), 7 (the outer end of the eyebrow tip) and 8 (the massage point about one finger on the inside of Sibai point), press and hold the acupoints (or massage points) of both eyes with the index finger (or middle finger) of both hands at the same time, and turn inward and then outward for 36 times. Massage 9 (eyeball) instead of massaging with both hands and fingers, rotate the binocular ball at the same time, first 36 times to the left and then 24 times to the right. After massage, dry wash your face with both hands and palms for 9 times (from bottom to top through both sides of the nasal wing and then down through the forehead). In the same way, dry wash your face with both hands and palms from outside to inside in front of your ears for 6 times, and finally rub your forehead (forehead) with both hands from inside to outside for 6 times.

When is not suitable for eye massage? ■ don’t massage your eyes with contact lenses! ■ do not press the eyes directly. ■ do not massage the eyes temporarily when the intraocular pressure is high or the eyes are red, swollen and inflamed!

7. traditional Chinese medicine believes that several important meridians that have a great impact on the eyes, such as kidney meridians or liver meridians, are connected in the channel between the eyes and feet. Through the maintenance of the foot, it can stimulate the meridians in the body and better control the cultivation of the eyes. It is recommended to massage Taixi point and Taichong Point.

Taixi point is located in the depression between the high point of medial malleolus and heel Achilles tendon.

Taichong Point is located in the depression before the junction of the first and second metatarsal bones on the dorsum of the foot.

methods: knead the two acupoints up and down with your thumb. It should not be too sour. Each acupoint can last for 3 minutes.

8: turn your eyes more when you’re OK: move 1: turn your eyes, look up and down slowly for 6 times, look left and right for 6 times, turn both eyes clockwise for 10 times and counterclockwise for 10 times.

trick 2: look far and nearStraighten your left or right hand, keep your eyes on the palm pattern, slowly bend your elbow and retract your palm until it is close to your face, then straighten it again and repeat for 6 times.

the third move: blink your eyes. Many people use computers for a long time and often forget to blink. First open your eyes and then close your eyes. Do it 10 times each. Move 4 of

: close your eyes by pressing Jingming point, press the depression above the inner corner of the eye with your thumb and index finger, press it down first and then squeeze it up, press it one time and repeat it for 12 times. The fifth move of

: massage the orbit, close the eyes, use the left and right fingers and index fingers to massage the abdomen from the eyebrow along the upper orbit to the tail of the eyebrow, press the upper orbit 10 times, and then massage the lower orbit 10 times. The sixth move of

: massage the eyes and close the eyes, close the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the left and right hands together, and gently press the eyeball down 10 times with the belly of the three fingers. Move 7 of

: warm your eyes, rub the palms of both hands until they are hot, close your eyes, gently cover the closed eyes with the lower half of the palms of both hands, count 36 silently, and then slowly open your eyes.

How to eat if you want good eyesight?

1. Carrots are rich in sucrose, glucose and starch, among which vitamin A is the most, and its function is similar to cod liver oil. In addition, carrots are also rich in carotene, which can maintain the health of eyes and skin.

2. Spinach contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, riboflavin, etc. it is not only a vegetable with high nutritional value, but also a good eye care product.

3. Kelp is rich in alginic acid, mannitol, protein, fat, sugars, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other components, especially rich in iodine, which is beneficial to the human body.

4. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and a small amount of protein. Because it is acidic, it can protect vitamin C and is not easy to be damaged during cooking.

5. Cucumber is rich in protein, sugars, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. At the same time, it also contains propanol, diacid, cucurbitacin, soft fine fiber and other components. It is a rare detoxification food. Cucumber contains cucumber acid, which can promote human metabolism and excrete toxins; The content of vitamin C is five times higher than that of watermelon, which can whiten the skin, keep it elastic and inhibit the formation of melanin.

6. Green pepper is rich in vitamins, sugar, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which is the highest content of vitamin C in vegetables.

7. Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium and iron, which are essential nutrients for healthy eyes. Often drinking medlar chrysanthemum tea can nourish the liver and brighten the eyes.

8. Jujube is rich in nutrition and contains 14 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body. The vitamin content is dozens of times higher than that of apple and banana. It is known as “living vitamin pill”.

9. Apricot contains an appropriate amount of vitamin C and rich vitamin A, as well as sugar, protein, fat, inorganic salt, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. It is a fruit with high nutritional value.

10. Leek is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, cellulose and volatile oil. In addition, leek also contains anti biomass, which has the effects of seasoning and sterilization.

recipe: Chrysanthemum and medlar are the most famous partners in the tea drinks for eyesight and eye protection!

Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B1, B2, C, calcium and iron. It is a good eye product.

Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which can protect the eyes. It is also a good medicine for various eye diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Chrysanthemum tea can make people clear headed and bright eyes, especially for dry eyes caused by liver fire and excessive use of eyes. Prescription of

: appropriate amount of longan and medlar with nucleus.

method: add water to make tea, and the longan core does not have to be broken.

usage: take the place of tea and drink it every day for at least two months. Please drink after dinner, the effect is the best.

Efficacy: all eye problems related to abnormal lens of the eye, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc. Key: be sure to use longan core. If you only use longan meat, the effect will be halved.

Suggestion: please drink after dinner, the effect is the best. (because the disease is on the head, and drinking after dinner will make the drug exert more on the head, which is the purpose of this prescription.) presbyopia mostly occurs at the age of 40 ~ 45, which is related to excessive eye use, which makes the ciliary muscles tense and elastic fatigue. The following eye exercises can be done once a day in the morning and evening, or separately by using TV advertisements and commuting time. If the eyes have inflammation, ulcer, itching, etc If the skin around the eyes is damaged, do not massage or smoke the eyes with hot tea.


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