Three points of preventing myopia in adolescents

according to statistics, in recent years, the proportion of juvenile myopia has been increasing, from 20% ten years ago to about 40% now. In middle school, we can also see more and more children wearing glasses. Medical experts point out that teenagers are the key period for people’s vision stereotypes, and they are also the most likely to form myopia. If you don’t pay attention to prevention, it will cause trouble to children’s health in the future.

develop good eye habits

modern medical research has found that myopia has a certain relationship with heredity, but heredity has little impact on myopia, and eye habits are the most important reason for myopia. The tissue system of


teenagers is in a vigorous development period. The eye muscles, lenses and other tissues related to vision are constantly growing and regulated. If you don’t pay attention to developing good eye habits, it is easy to affect the adverse changes of eye muscles and lenses and form myopia.


for example, we often say that reading distance should not be too close, using eyes for an hour and taking a rest for 10 minutes are good habits that teenagers should develop. Long-term persistence is beneficial to children’s life health. Modern teenagers are most vulnerable to the temptation of video games, which leads to excessive eye use for a long time and great damage to their eyesight. Parents must pay attention to keep their children away from these adverse factors.

maintain the eyes through diet

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver opens the orifices in the eyes, the eyes are closely related to the liver, the lack of liver blood and the stagnation of liver Qi will affect people’s vision.


teenagers are nervous about learning, use their eyes very frequently and easily lose liver blood. Therefore, parents should nourish and protect the liver through diet to prevent damage to their children’s vision. Medlar, longan, jujube, yam, job’s tears, animal liver and carrot all have the effect of tonifying liver and blood. They can make teenagers eat more and help prevent myopia.

proper exercise can enhance eyesight

proper exercise can help promote the blood circulation of teenagers, enhance the blood supply to the eyes, avoid the fatigue of tissues around the eyes, and play a good role in preventing myopia. In order to further protect the eyes, teenagers should develop the habit of massaging the eyes and massage the acupoints around the eyes during recess and rest time, Long term persistence can not only prevent myopia, but also improve vision.