Three questions about femtosecond laser surgery

Abstract: femtosecond laser surgery is the most advanced laser myopia surgery. It is safer, more accurate and more reliable in the treatment of myopia. But some patients still have many questions about the operation. For example, will femtosecond laser surgery hurt? Will the operation have complications? wait. Now let’s understand these problems.

femtosecond laser surgery is the whole process laser valve making, which makes mankind completely leave the metal scalpel in myopia surgery for the first time, and promotes myopia laser surgery to a new height of safer, more accurate and more reliable. Will there be glare and ghosting in femtosecond laser surgery? Is there any pain during femtosecond laser surgery Now let’s understand some questions about femtosecond laser surgery.

I. will there be glare and ghosting after femtosecond laser surgery? The whole process of


femtosecond laser surgery is to use laser to make corneal flap without blade. It can make corneal flap with very accurate thickness and smoother surface, and there is almost no displacement, dissociation and fragmentation of corneal flap. Therefore, glare and ghosting after operation can be reduced.

2. What are the most serious complications of femtosecond laser surgery? Whether there will be serious complications in


femtosecond laser surgery is believed to be a matter of great concern. Ophthalmologists say that femtosecond laser LASIK is an all laser LASIK operation that uses femtosecond laser to make corneal flap. Because it does not need to use mechanical blade to make corneal flap, femtosecond laser LASIK can eliminate almost all serious complications caused by corneal flap making.

III. is there any pain in the process of femtosecond laser surgery?

femtosecond laser surgery is mainly different from conventional mechanical corneal lamellar knife excimer laser surgery in corneal flap making: femtosecond laser surgery uses laser to make corneal flap without blade, while conventional excimer laser surgery uses mechanical corneal lamellar knife to make corneal flap, The excimer laser cutting after corneal flap fabrication is the same. All operations were performed under surface anesthesia, that is, only two drops of eye drops were needed during the operation. There was transient amaurosis and pressure swelling without obvious pain when making corneal flap.

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