Three recipes that can help you prevent myopia

Many people have myopia, but the degree is different. In particular, some teenagers wear glasses early, which will not only bring some impact to the eyes, but also affect the beauty. Do you know how to prevent myopia? The following recipes can protect their eyesight.

shredded Chinese wolfberry

ordinary fried shredded pork with green bamboo shoots (or Magnolia slices) and Chinese wolfberry can play the role of Chinese wolfberry in nourishing the liver and kidney, moistening the lungs and brightening the eyes, so that ordinary fried shredded pork can also help protect the eyes. Moreover, after adding two ingredients, the color of the dishes is colorful and looks like a big move. Generally 300 grams of pork with 100 grams of medlar. Lycium barbarum can have the effect of eyesight, protect eyesight and nourish the liver, eyesight and lungs.

pig liver soup

animal liver contains a large amount of vitamin a beneficial to eyes, which can nourish the liver and brighten the eyes. Although the cholesterol content is high, teenagers with myopia and hyperopia can be treated with this method. Slice the pork liver and cook it in boiling water. You can also beat the eggs into the egg and then seasoning. Pig liver can also be replaced by sheep liver, cow liver and chicken liver. Pig liver can have the function of nourishing the liver, which is good for improving the physique, and can also have the function of brightening the eyes.

oyster mushroom laver soup

oyster and other seafood are rich in selenium, which can improve eyesight. Oysters are added to laver soup, which can nourish the kidney, nourish the liver, replenish blood and brighten the eyes. It is effective for myopia, blurred vision, or long-term illness, physical deficiency, dizziness and dizziness. Such food collocation can improve eyesight, which is good for alleviating eyesight fatigue and preventing myopia.

have you learned some recipes to help you prevent myopia? From the above contents, we can see that there are many foods to prevent myopia, and we should know how to match them. In this way, it can have a good health care effect and effect. Try it quickly.

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