Three type eye exercises to protect your eye health

Abstract: due to the increasing intensity of eye use, many people have eye fatigue, and even some children suffer from myopia early. So how can we protect the health of our eyes? According to the theory of Chinese massage and meridians, experts have formulated a set of effective eye exercises. Let’s have a look. General essentials of

eye exercises:

nails are short and hands are clean. Obey the requirements and be quiet. Accurate acupoints and correct manipulation. Moderate strength, acid swelling and pain. Co shooting Festival, don’t walk disorderly. The first four sections, close your eyes. The last two sections, eyes open. Red and swollen eyes, fuck pause. Furuncle on the face, contraindication. Doing eye exercises is important. If you take the form, you can’t see the merit.

eye exercises practice methods:

the first section closes your eyes to silence

this section is the preparatory form of eye exercises. Action requirements: sitting or standing. The feet are shoulder width apart, the arms droop naturally, the body remains upright, the whole body is relaxed, and the eyes are closed gently. Action focus: close your eyes gently and do not open your eyes. Functions of


: it can relieve the tension of ciliary muscle and eliminate visual fatigue.

in the second section, press Jingming

Jingming acupoint position: inner corners of both eyes. Action requirements: press the bilateral Jingming points with the index fingers of both hands respectively, and the other fingers are in the shape of clenching fists. Press once per beat.

function: it has the effect of preventing and treating visual dimness. Section 3 of


: knead the sun, gather bamboo, wipe and scrape the position of the temples of the eyebrow bow


; Between the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye, an inch backward. Position of zanzhu acupoint: located at the inner end of eyebrows. Action requirements: for the first and second eight beats, press and knead the temple with both thumbs and the bamboo acupoints with index fingers. Press and knead once per beat. In the third and fourth eight beats, bend the index finger of both hands, clench the fist with the other fingers, wipe and scrape outward from the inner end of the eyebrow, once every 2 beats. Action focus: massage the temples and zanzhu acupoints instead of squeezing. When wiping and scraping the eyebrow arch, it shall be carried out from inside to outside. Role of


: prevention and treatment of eye diseases and visual impairment.

eye exercises operation essentials and precautions:

1. When doing eye exercises, we must recognize the acupoints, master the techniques, pay attention to the accurate movement, moderate strength, uniform speed and appropriate range, and it is appropriate to feel the feeling of acid swelling at the acupoint position.

2. In order to ensure the effect of pressing and kneading acupoints, do not use the fingertip part during exercise, but use the finger thread surface (finger belly) to knead.

3. Cut your nails frequently at ordinary times, and try to keep your hands clean when doing eye exercises.

4. In the process of exercise, you should close your eyes, maintain a calm and relaxed attitude, maintain a correct sitting posture, fully focus on techniques and acupoints, and practice carefully to ensure the effect of exercise.

5. Eye exercises can generally be arranged once in the morning and afternoon, especially after long-time close eye use.

6. Doing eye exercises requires persistence every day.


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