Through the law of attraction, I found ways to improve my eyesight

In the past week, I followed my heart’s guidance and went out to relax every day, and I went to places with a lot of green vegetation. I rode my bike with a bottle of water at six o’clock without breakfast in the morning, and didn’t go back until I wanted to go home. I eat less during the day, so I think it’s useful to eat less and watch more green plants. By the way, I hardly play mobile phones and computers recently. I usually go to bed early. These are also helpful. And I never wear glasses. I’m more than 300 degrees nearsighted. Interested friends can try it by themselves.

I insist on seeing if I can recover completely. How do I treat myopia by the law of attraction?

With the idea + eye movement, it took me less than a week to basically recover the problem of eye deformation (others say that the eyes are very normal and divine, and the eyes in the photos don’t have the feeling of previous deformation). This problem that has plagued me for so many years didn’t expect to be solved in such a short time. Until now, I don’t bring my beautiful pupils anymore.

Now I occasionally do eye exercises, so my eyes will become more and more beautiful and aura.

Through the law of attraction, I found ways to improve my eyesight

Here to say: my mind doesn’t say that I want to attract my eyes to become beautiful like attracting other things, but when I look in the mirror every day, I think my eyes are really beautiful. It’s good to have natural eyes without beautiful pupils.

Um… Maybe that’s it. You can try it first. Recently, the recovery of attractive eyesight is still in the experiment, which has achieved little results. I want to say goodbye to myopia completely. I’ll tell you the method when I succeed

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