“Too strong light” can also cause children’s myopia?

Abstract: the formation of myopia is divided into two parts. One part is related to congenital conditions. For example, the ocular axis is relatively long at birth, that is, the ocular axis is too long caused by embryonic development and genetic factors. These two kinds are congenital.

myopia has become the “first killer” endangering eye health. The incidence rate of primary myopia in China is second, and the prevalence rate of myopia among Chinese primary school students has reached nearly 40%, and the myopia rate of high school students is nearly 70%, according to the survey. Now the proportion of children with myopia is also increasing. When they enter the campus, there are only a few students without glasses.

myopia is caused by many factors. The first is the popularity of electronic products in the information age. Entering the family classroom and filling every corner is harmful to our eyes; Second, the structure of diet is unbalanced. The nutrition intake is not healthy and comprehensive; Third, genetic factors. If there are congenital genetic conditions, in the process of children growing up, the acquired factors will add up to the problem of myopia; Then there is the problem of light pollution. The places where learning, living and activities are located are everywhere, which directly leads to the deepening of students’ myopia. Even adults will lead to visual fatigue. For the elderly, it will lead to organic diseases such as dry eye, cataract and retinal degeneration. Too bright


light can induce myopia in children. The use of


light is also moderate, and strong light can cause serious eye irritation. All objects seen by the eyes are felt in the form of light. The eyes have a self-protection ability. Under normal light intensity, the eyes are very comfortable. When the light is dark, the pupil is enlarged. For example, when reading under candlelight or kerosene lamp or even moonlight in the past, myopia is not easy to form. Now the light is too strong, the pupil is reduced, and the lens expands because it is elastic. If it is in this state for a long time, it will be shaped over time, and myopia will slowly form or deepen. From dark places to strong places, the pupil shrinks sharply, causing ciliary muscle spasm, which also has a great impact on the eyes.


there are many desk lamps on the market. It is best to choose eye protection lamps. Whether they are eye protection lamps depends on whether they are continuous light sources. The eyes feel very comfortable with continuous light sources. Many fluorescent lamps are stroboscopic light sources. The eyes can’t feel stroboscopic light sources above 40Hz, but eye fatigue will occur over time. Therefore, when selecting table lamp, it is best to use 40W incandescent lamp with tungsten filament.


many parents and friends asked that there are too many books at home. They decided to read e-books, which is convenient and saves space. Reading also needs to find the feeling of reading. The feeling of turning books is that e-books can’t give. Second, paper books are much less harmful to their eyes than e-books seen through electronic screens. Long term use of electronic screen radiation and light damage to the eyes is very serious. Including students doing homework and reading with iPad. From the doctor’s point of view, we don’t recommend reading e-books.

the first visual examination should be carried out at the age of 3-4. The myopia of

is getting earlier and earlier. Is there any way to make the myopia not so early, or what is the law of the development of children’s vision? The formation of


myopia is divided into two parts. One part is related to congenital conditions. For example, the ocular axis is relatively long at birth, that is, the ocular axis is too long caused by embryonic development and genetic factors. These two are congenital. Related to acquired factors, including excessive regulation caused by unsanitary use of eyes, eye fatigue and unbalanced diet. Congenital conditions and acquired factors together form the true degree of myopia. Congenital myopia is usually called axial myopia and can be corrected by surgery. The influence caused by acquired factors can be prevented, through the guidance of clinicians, early detection and early intervention. It is best to check the eyesight of children from 3 to 4 years old. If there is physiological hyperopia, it can be recovered slowly through the growth of age. If there is no physiological hyperopia, the eyesight is very good. If you don’t pay attention, it will soon turn into myopia. The younger the age, the stronger the eye adjustment.


children with poor vision need further examination. It is confirmed through systematic and detailed examination that children must have mydriasis when wearing glasses. After mydriasis, it is the real diopter. Then, it is adjusted according to each child’s age, height and adjustment status, and finally an appropriate degree is given. Adults have large astigmatism and strong adjustment. They also need mydriasis when matching glasses. In addition to trauma, astigmatism is generally congenital, and the visual objects are ghosting and virtual.

it is safer to choose traditional frame glasses.

children’s eye axis can be determined through relevant examinations and can predict the approximate growth degree of future development. Therefore, when children are about 3 years old, if they are found to have myopia tendency, timely intervention is the best. It is necessary for children to have their eyesight checked once every six months during their study.

about true and false myopia, parents themselves can’t distinguish it. They should go to the hospital for optometry. If they find false myopia, timely intervention can prevent it from developing true myopia. High myopia can cause retinal detachment and other diseases, which is very harmful. Intervention methods, such as incorrect reading and writing posture, correction through “three ones”, long-term close work and too long eye time in front of the screen, alleviated through “rice word exercises”, and alleviated with pure traditional Chinese medicine heniantang ancient prescription eye treasure, which needs to be used under the guidance of professionals, etc. From a medical point of view, contact lenses, corneal shaping lenses and other methods can be one of the options for a certain group, but they are not suitable for everyone. The side effects caused by contact lenses and corneal shaping lenses should also be faced up. It is suggested that it is safer to match with traditional frame glasses.

children’s optometry and glasses matching is a complex medical process. For large and small optical shops in the market, parents and friends are reminded that children’s vision development and correction is a gradual process, not a problem that can be solved by matching a pair of glasses. Once children’s vision is found to be poor, Please go to the regular hospital ophthalmology or specialized hospital for detailed and systematic inspection and protection, so as to ensure the quality of children’s study and life in the future.