Top ten “eyesight killers” | look what causes your myopia!

Abstract: lying reading, playing with mobile phones, shaking carriages or brushing wechat / microblog when walking, working and studying in strong or weak light all make the eyes in a bad environment. In order to see words, the eyes are over adjusted, resulting in decreased vision.

in many people’s impression, children are the high-risk group of rapid vision decline, but the study found that this situation is also common in adults, with complex reasons and many influencing factors. The following 10 problems are the main “vision killers” in life.

No. 1

use computers and play mobile phones

our study, work and life are almost inseparable from computers and mobile phones. When you are busy, your head will come to the computer screen unconsciously. The closer you get, the closer you stare at the screen, and the more you stare, the more focused you are. In fact, there is a healthy distance between eyes and computers. Staring at the screen for a long time will reduce the blinking frequency, so that the eyes are easy to dry. After a long time, there will be foreign body feeling, tears, even blurred vision and decreased vision.


continuous reading and writing time is too long

many people learn to work, often forget their time, read continuously or work at their desk for several hours without rest. Especially on the eve of the exam or during the busy period of work, you have to read or work at night. In this way, you can use your eyes continuously and closely for a long time, so that your eyes are always in a highly regulated state, which is prone to visual fatigue and affect your health at the same time.

No. 3

poor eye environment

lying reading and playing with mobile phones, shaking carriages or brushing wechat / microblog when walking, working and studying in strong or weak light, all these habits make the eyes in a bad environment. In order to see words, the eyes are over adjusted, resulting in decreased vision.


ranked No. 4


watch TV and play games.


have favorite programs. They often watch 3-4 episodes continuously. The viewing distance is too close or the TV position is too high or low, the light and shadow on the TV screen flickers, flickers and darkens, and the contrast with the indoor light is too large. These factors are easy to fatigue the eyes. Playing computer games for a long time is easier to make your eyes tired than watching TV, because the computer screen is close to your eyes and the picture flickers, you need to adjust the height of your eyes.

No. 5

lack of nutritional elements

scientists believe that children and adolescents have poor eating habits, and the lack of some nutritional elements in the body is easy to induce myopia. These nutritional elements include protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, chromium, etc. Taurine is the highest content amino acid in the retina. It plays an important role in maintaining the structure and function of the retina. It helps to promote eye nutrition, alleviate eye fatigue and enhance eye resistance. Vitamin B6 participates in the synthesis and metabolism of taurine in vivo, helps to eliminate eye fatigue, enhance the activities of corneal and retinal cells, and promote the repair of inflammatory injury. Calcium and chromium can directly affect the body’s regulation of intraocular fluid pressure. Abnormal intraocular pressure is a factor in the formation of myopia. Vitamin A and vitamin D deficiency can affect the body’s absorption of calcium and chromium.


, sixth


lesions, drugs and age


diseases may affect vision, such as diabetes or hypertension. Some drugs and viruses can also affect vision. In addition, with the increase of age, especially after the age of 40, the change of vision can sometimes be very significant.

No. 7


experts remind that people should pay attention to eye health during outdoor activities and beware of ultraviolet interference even in cloudy weather. Ultraviolet informants cannot be detected by the eyes, but too much ultraviolet light may damage the eyes. Too much ultraviolet radiation will cause redness, swelling, tears, eye muscle tension and other symptoms. If necessary, wear sunglasses with UV protection function.

No. 8

smoking, makeup

smoking will expose eyes to high levels of oxidative stress. Although the relationship between the two is not clear, smoking is known to increase the risk of a variety of diseases affecting the eyes. Eye makeup, the common damage is the mechanical stimulation of cosmetics, such as eye shadow cream, Eyeliner cream, mascara and other black paint easily fall into the eye when making up. If not treated promptly, it will damage the cornea or conjunctiva, causing various kinds of inflammation. If repeatedly stimulated, it may turn into chronic conjunctivitis and long-term itching, pain and discomfort. If pigmentation, it will turn the sclera yellow.

No. 9

accidental injury

improper use of toys, or other objects, wrestling, ball games such as tennis, badminton or squash, holding scissors when running, and not using safety belts in traffic accidents may lead to eye trauma and affect vision. In addition, at home, in addition to the potential dangers of various home decoration projects, many household cleaners may also cause eye damage.

No. 10

psychological factors

excessive tension and depression all have a certain impact on vision. British psychologists and ophthalmologists conducted a sample survey of 4000 adolescent myopia patients. The results showed that the general decline of adolescent vision was closely related to adolescent psychological factors. If you have vision problems, you can find the causes from the above 10 points for further treatment.


in daily life, we should also try our best to do the following: check vision regularly to find early vision problems; Prevent ultraviolet radiation and wear sunglasses when the light is strong; Protect eyes from trauma; Read and watch TV in a bright place; Take a break every 1-2 hours when using the computer; Often do eye massage.