Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique way to treat eye diseases

Abstract: Nowadays, mobile phone has become an indispensable communication tool in life. You can see it everywhere on the subway and bus. Everyone keeps playing with mobile phone. Long term exposure to mobile phones does a lot of harm, especially the radiation to the eyes. Although the eyes are very tired, we still can’t put down the small screen in our hands. Traditional Chinese medicine has corresponding prevention and treatment methods for common eye diseases in different populations. These therapies are simple and easy, with little side effects, and are a great choice.

Six methods of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of eye diseases

1 Crystalline gymnastics. Crystal gymnastics is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for primary and middle school students’ myopia, especially for those whose eyesight decline is not obvious at the initial stage of myopia (about 100 degrees). Its principle is to relieve the spasm of ciliary muscle and restore the elasticity of lens by exercising the contraction and relaxation function of ciliary muscle. It has a good effect on pseudomyopia and presbyopia. The specific method is as follows: first, fix your eyes on objects such as green trees for 10 seconds, or observe a corner of the ceiling in the house, then put your palm in the nearest distance you can see clearly, and watch quietly for 10 seconds, alternating 20 times. When you are tired during the day, you can do it at any time. Do it again before going to bed.

2. Overlooking the green mountains in the evening. Overlooking is the fundamental to prevent myopia. In the evening, the light is soft and the pupils naturally become larger. At this time, overlooking the green mountains and trees can relax the ciliary muscles to the greatest extent and better correct myopia. This method is mainly used for early myopia in adolescents (including pseudomyopia, less than 200 degrees). It is also very effective for adults with low myopia. If you stick to practice, you can generally restore normal vision.

3. Press beans on ear points. According to the theory of Zang Fu organs and meridians in traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of bioholography, ear acupoints communicate with human Zang Fu organs, meridians and bones. Traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology can effectively treat eye diseases such as myopia, amblyopia, fundus hemorrhage and so on.

4. Acupoint Moxibustion. Using the warming effect of moxa stick, moxibustion is applied at Hegu (hukou), Laojin (in the depression of radial bone suture of ulnar styloid process on the back of wrist), Taixi (the depression between medial malleolus and Achilles tendon), Sanyinjiao (3 inches above the tip of medial malleolus), Zusanli (3 inches above the outer knee), etc. it is very suitable for patients with dry eye. For senile eye degenerative changes, vitreous opacity Eye diseases such as fundus hemorrhage also have a good alleviating effect. Middle aged and elderly people and some office workers can try this method.

5. Foot bath therapy. There are abundant acupoints in the foot, connecting the five zang organs. Foot bath therapy can promote circulation and improve the function of retina and optic nerve. It is especially suitable for patients with diabetic retinopathy bleeding and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetic foot bath must pay attention to water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, so as not to cause burns, secondary infection. Most foot baths use peach kernel, safflower, Angelica sinensis, raw land, red peony root, cauliflower and other traditional Chinese medicine. It is recommended to choose a prescription under the guidance of a doctor. You can also massage Yongquan (the first 1 / 3 of the line between the suture pattern of the second and third toes on the sole and the heel), Taixi, Sanyinjiao and other acupoints at the same time. The duration should be about half an hour.

6. Eye fumigation. Traditional Chinese medicine often matches different traditional Chinese medicine fumigation and washing prescriptions according to different conditions of patients. For example, for patients with dry eye, 15g of Radix rehmanniae, Radix Scrophulariae, Schisandra chinensis, Ophiopogon japonicus, Angelica sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba and mimenghua can be selected. With the help of fumigation instrument, the eyes can be fumigated for 15 ~ 20 minutes, or the eyes can be directly fumigated with filtered medicine juice, which not only has warm effect, but also can be absorbed locally, and the medicine can reach the focus directly.


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