Treatment of central retinitis

central retinopathy is a common fundus disease, which occurs in the central macula of the retina. There is no disease on the surface. The main symptoms are: blurred vision, such as seeing things in clouds, dark vision, a thin dark shadow in the center of visual field, and deformation of vision. Fundus examination showed dark macular area, retinal edema, irregular reflection halo at the edge of edema, exudation in macular area, disappearance or diffusion of the original foveal light reflection. It usually occurs in young adults aged 20-40.

this disease is easy to happen to people who are engaged in indoor work. The reason is that these people lack exercise, have poor physique, are prone to fatigue and insomnia, and deteriorate the metabolic function of the whole body, thus affecting the nutritional status of tissues and cells in the eyes, causing metabolic disorders and functional decline. Therefore, we should take strengthening the spleen, tonifying the kidney and soothing the liver as the principle, eat more vitamin foods, enhance retinal nutrition and improve metabolic function. Six character formula, eye strengthening skill and hammer therapy have good curative effects.