Treatment of macular degeneration and old macular hemorrhage

macular degeneration and macular hemorrhage are two diseases. The lesions are located in the macula, which is mainly caused by the deficiency of liver and kidney.

macular hemorrhage refers to the hemorrhage occurring in the macula, which is mostly a complication of high myopia. The axis of high myopia becomes longer, but there are pathological changes in choroid and retina. Neovascularization occurs in macula, and neovascularization breaks and bleeding occurs. Acute onset, sudden loss of vision. After recovery, scars will be formed, and vision will be affected to varying degrees. In severe cases, it may lead to blindness. Six character formula and hammer therapy are mainly used to treat old macular hemorrhage.

macular degeneration is a common eye disease in the elderly. It is a degenerative disease. The visual acuity decreases significantly, the pigment in the macular area is lost, and the central reflection disappears. With the development of the disease, there are map atrophy, cystic degeneration or holes in the fundus, serous or hemorrhagic discoid detachment, retinal hemorrhage, and then scarring, which seriously affects the vision.


for macular hemorrhage, we should choose some foods that can nourish the liver and kidney, cool the blood and stop bleeding, and eat more foods rich in vitamins. Macular degeneration is also caused by the lack of Qi and blood in the liver and kidney. We can mainly supplement foods rich in protein and vitamin A / B, which are the nutrients needed by the retina. For more than 30 years, we have been treated by six character formula, eye strengthening skill and hammer therapy, Good results have been achieved in the control and recovery of the above conditions.