Treatment of retinal arteriosclerosis and vein occlusion

arteriosclerosis is a physiological change of human aging. The symptoms are decreased or disappeared arterial elasticity, thickened vascular wall, thinner lumen and reduced blood flow. Arteriosclerosis can be seen only in the fundus of the eye. Arteriosclerosis in the fundus of the eye sends a danger signal to the elderly. The typical symptoms of retinal arteriosclerosis are that the arteries become thinner, distorted and pale, like a copper wire. Severe thickening of the blood vessel wall, the blood color is invisible, like a white silver wire. Due to the thinning of arterial diameter and the reduction of blood flow, the retina can not get enough nutrition, and bleeding and tissue damage often occur. If it invades the macula, it will be unclear or even blind. Retinal vein occlusion is a common and serious complication of retinal arteriosclerosis. The venous blood rheology is slow, and the veins are extremely dilated and bent, resulting in peripheral retinal edema and extensive bleeding, resulting in damage to visual function. If the blockage is in the central vein of the retina, it will cause blindness.

pay attention to diet control and reduce foods with high animal fat and cholesterol content. Eat more green vegetables and exercise more.

the etiology of this disease is liver depression and qi stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis, and vein obstruction. Through the six character formula regimen, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves can be excited, so as to enhance the systolic and diastolic ability of blood vessels and gradually eliminate the atherosclerosis of blood vessel wall. Through six character formula, eye strengthening skill and hammer therapy, it can have a good curative effect on the disease.