Treatment of retinitis pigmentosa

retinitis pigmentosa is a hereditary chronic progressive eye disease. The main symptoms were night blindness, unclear vision in the dark, poor dark adaptation, reduced visual field, tubular visual field in the later stage, or even disappeared; The optic disc can be seen in the fundus of the eye, and its color becomes light or waxy yellow, Chicken claw like (osteocyte like) pigmentation or white punctate changes can be seen in the retina. Retinal blood vessels are obviously thinner and all retinas shrink.

this disease is related to the abnormal proportion of zinc and copper, leading to metabolic dysfunction. Usually, you should eat more foods containing egg white matter and more zinc and less copper. You should use less strong tea, cocoa powder, coffee, etc.

The course of retinitis pigmentosa is long, generally early onset, rapid development, late onset and slow development. It is mainly due to congenital deficiency, deficiency of Yang in spleen and kidney, micro water and grain, no biochemistry, and the essence and Qi of the five internal organs can not be attributed to the eyes. Therefore, we should enhance the function of spleen and kidney, strengthen nutrition, enhance physique, improve immunity, promote the metabolism of retinal pigment epithelial cells, reduce pigmentation, and gradually recover vision. Six character formula, eye strengthening skill and hammer therapy have good curative effect on the disease.