True secret Qigong for reversing myopia

key: eyes are the treasure of the human body. No matter how beautiful nature is, if the sun is blind, it is also dark. The author of this article was originally 400 degree myopia. After his teacher taught him this skill, he practiced for three months, that is, he changed to wear 200 degree glasses, and then practiced for three months. Now he has taken off his glasses and returned to normal vision. The author deeply feels the magical effect of this skill and laments that there are so many people in the world who are short-sighted. Only by talking about their mentor, can he be allowed to teach this skill in his hometown. According to the author, if the visual acuity is at the level of O.5 (the lowest point), it can recover to 1.0 degrees in three months. Other eye diseases can be cured. This is the experience he gained in three years of meritorious service.


I used to have a myopia of 4OO. My teacher saw that when I was practicing martial arts, my eyes were unhappy and I was often beaten. He specially preached my Vajra eye skill. This skill is the eye skill of our southern school. When it is successful, there are gods in both eyes. When people fight with each other, the opponent is often frightened. This skill is effective for myopia, hyperopia, cataract and other eye diseases. In the past three months, my eyesight has returned to 1.5. Not only have I cured my illness, but my internal skill and eye skill have reached a certain level; Therefore, our school does not spread unique skills. Although only the front skills can make practitioners effective in ten days.

practice method:

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