Turning off the light and looking at the mobile phone is the most eye-damaging. Two moves to restore vision are done. You must see it when playing wechat

Abstract: long term low head playing with mobile phone itself is bad for the cervical spine. Posture such as half leaning on the head of the bed and lying on the side to see the mobile phone will do more harm to the cervical spine and lumbar spine. In the long run, it will also cause nervous system damage and spinal disease. Symptoms such as hand numbness, dizziness and headache.

mobile phone has become an increasingly indispensable electronic device for us.


are looking at the mobile phone when we go to the bathroom, get up, in the car, eat and go to bed!


, in which there is such a “vision killer” – darkness, just turn off the lights and look at the mobile phone!

turn off the light before going to bed and play with the mobile phone

hurt the eyes, nerves and cervical vertebrae

we are used to turning off the light before going to bed, looking at our circle of friends and chatting. We don’t know that looking at the mobile phone in the dark is not only harmful to our eyes, but also to our health!

eye injury

there is evidence that playing with mobile phones in the dark will lead to excessive retinal fatigue, which may damage vision and make people suffer from eye problems such as myopia, astigmatism and vision deviation. In the long run, lack of enough sleep will lead to the accumulation of neurotoxins, which makes it more difficult for us to obtain good sleep quality.

and long-term exposure to mobile phone light at night, melatonin levels are inhibited, the body’s biological clock is affected, and people are more likely to suffer from depression.

impairs memory

taking your mobile phone to bed will infinitely delay your bedtime, disrupt your work and rest, lead to lack of sleep and damage your memory the next day.


hurt the cervical spine.


long-term low head playing with the mobile phone itself is not good for the cervical spine. Half leaning on the head of the bed and lying on the side to see the mobile phone will do more harm to the cervical spine and lumbar spine. In the long run, it will also cause nervous system damage and spinal disease. Symptoms such as hand numbness, dizziness and headache.


are easy to hit themselves.


lie down and play with your mobile phone at night. If you don’t take it well, it’s easy to hit your chest and face. Especially now that mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, our chances of being injured will also increase.


can protect eyes and restore eyesight.


can easily deal with


. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and love carrots. Among the eye-friendly foods of


, the most famous is carrots. Carrots are rich in carotene and lutein, which is particularly important to the eyes.


lutein cannot be produced by the human body and must be supplemented by ingestion of lutein. If this element is lacking, vision will decline.


tap for one minute every day.


can not see clearly. Tapping


can promote blood circulation. When the blood circulation is good, it can increase the supply of oxygen and nutrition.

in addition, tapping around the eyes can also stimulate acupoints and promote autonomic nerve activity. You don’t have to remember every acupoint in particular. As long as you tap steadily and rhythmically, you can effectively stimulate the acupoints.


use the fingertips of the four fingers from the index finger to the little finger to beat. The force of tapping should be slightly heavier, but it should be avoided that it is too heavy to cause skin redness and swelling. If the force is appropriate, the effect can be brought into play. The speed is about three times a second. Keep a steady rhythm when tapping.

① tap five times from the center of the eyebrow to the temple along the top of the eyebrow.

② tap five times from the head of the eye to the end of the eye one centimeter below the eye.

③ tap five times from the temple to the top of the head.

playing with mobile phones

before going to bed is very easy to protect eyes and cervical spine. 1. Relying on the head of the bed to watch mobile phones

half lying, sideways or prone playing with mobile phones will cause certain damage to eyes and cervical spine, so these methods must be avoided as far as possible.


can pad a small pillow at the back of the waist and rely on watching the mobile phone at the head of the bed. This posture will not make people feel tired, but also reduce the damage to health.

2. Turn the brightness of the mobile phone to the lowest

. Unlocking the mobile phone after turning off the light will bring dazzling pain. I believe everyone has experienced it. It’s best to turn the brightness of your mobile phone to the lowest at night.

in addition, when opening the app, you need to turn the phone to night mode, select cold colors, avoid warm colors, and reduce visual fatigue.

3. Keep a distance of 30cm.

when looking at the mobile phone, keep your eyes 30 ~ 50cm away from the mobile phone, and control the time within half an hour.

when your eyes feel tired, close your eyes or do simple eye exercises, look at the distance for a few seconds, then look at the tip of your nose for a few seconds, cycle until your eyes are not tired, and then use your mobile phone.

4. Turn on a small light to accompany you.

turn off the light to play with your mobile phone at night. It is easy to have adjustment spasm. The main symptom is temporary blurred vision. The contrast between a bright screen and a dark environment is too large, which will make your eyes tired.

therefore, when playing with mobile phones at night, it is better to turn on a soft light and low-power desk lamp or bedside lamp at the head of the bed.


are not difficult, and they are good for the eyes, especially when there is no disease in the eyes. They must be done to avoid unnecessary damage to the eyes.


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