Unbalanced nutrition is easy to myopia. There are three ways to prevent myopia

Abstract: research shows that nutritional imbalance is an important cause of children’s myopia. High fat and high calorie food plays an important role. How should parents prevent children’s myopia? Now let’s see experts introduce three methods to prevent children’s myopia. There are many reasons for myopia caused by

. Heredity, incorrect reading and writing posture and excessive eye use are well-known factors. In recent years, many studies have found that malnutrition is also one of the new culprits of myopia. Experts say that the imbalance of nutrition is an important reason for children’s myopia, in which high-fat and high calorie foods play an important role.

so why do high-fat and high calorie foods lead to myopia? There are few vitamins and minerals in high-fat and high calorie foods, and vitamin A and calcium are just essential elements for eye development. Insufficient intake will increase the pressure in the orbit, bulge the eyeball, lengthen the front and rear distance, and cause low vision problems such as myopia and amblyopia.


prevention of children’s myopia strategy 1:

“omnivorous food” is an effective way to ensure children’s balanced nutrition. Abandon the bad habits of picky eaters and partial eaters; At ordinary times, consciously give children more food closely related to eye development, such as carrots, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables and coarse grains containing vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin D and vitamin E.

sugar, chocolate, cream cake and ice cream should be enough, because sweets are not good for the development of eyes, and it is easy to make children distracted or even hyperactive.


strategies for preventing children’s myopia II:


teach children to use their eyes correctly. Children’s reading time shall not exceed 20 minutes at a time, the distance between eyes and books shall be kept at about one foot, and the light shall be moderate.


eyes also need a combination of work and rest. They should do eye exercises or telescopic exercises for up to half an hour, and do more outdoor sports.

strategy 3 for preventing children’s myopia:

parents check their children’s vision every six months, no longer than one year, and find possible eye problems in time. If the child repeatedly looks at things close or squint, do a vision test and don’t neglect it. The above


are about “unbalanced nutrition is easy to myopia, and there are three ways to prevent myopia”. Children’s eyeballs are still in the development stage, and enough should be needed to ensure the normal development of eyeballs. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to their children’s eating habits in their children’s daily life.