Vision care practices for children of different ages

Abstract: frequent interaction in the critical period of visual development, multiple stimuli contribute to the baby’s visual development. At birth, let the baby look at their parents’ faces more closely. At the age of 8 months, the baby will start looking for the things that disappear in front of him. Hide and seek is an interesting and visual game.

1 ~ 6 years old is the key period of baby’s eye development, but in every corner of life, there are hidden killers of eye health invisible to mothers. In order to let the baby have a “bright” future, parents should do a good job in baby eye care.

frequent stimulation of


from 0 to 1 year old, the visual system has developed rapidly, so that the baby can only distinguish black and white images, gradually distinguish the color, distance and even begin to develop hand eye coordination ability. At this time, eye movement is still unstable, and it is normal to occasionally have eye deflection. After 4 months, you should pay attention to whether the eyes will move with the objects in front of you. After 6 months old, if the eye position is not correct or the eye movement is uncoordinated, you should find a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

parents do this.

physical and mental satisfaction, work and rest rules, adequate sleep and balanced nutrition are the prerequisites for children’s good development. When the baby begins to eat complementary foods, he should drink less juice containing candy and eat less sweets to maintain the pH balance in the body. Eat more complementary foods made of fruits and vegetables to get rich vitamins.


interact frequently. In the critical period of visual development, multiple stimuli contribute to the baby’s visual development. At birth, let the baby look at their parents’ faces more closely. At the age of 8 months, the baby will start looking for the things that disappear in front of him. Hide and seek is an interesting and visual game.

1 ~ 2 years old, train hand eye coordination


. During this period, the baby will develop mature visual discrimination ability and be able to simply summarize items. The coordination of hands, eyes and body can make the baby pick up or lose things correctly. Children with vision problems will not move because they can’t accurately feel the three-dimensional feeling of things when practicing walking.

parents do this

watch less TV. Children’s retina is still developing. TV and computers have adverse effects on their development. If you want to watch it, it shall not exceed 30 minutes once, and it shall be limited to 1 hour a day. The TV picture shall be soft and stable, and keep a distance of 6 ~ 8 times the diagonal length of the TV plane.


pairing Games: babies begin to identify simple geometric patterns. Pairing games of some shapes and colors will not only interest babies, but also train hand eye coordination.

establish good habits at the age of 2 ~ 4 years.

at this time, the baby sees the world similar to that of adults, has good hand eye coordination, can easily avoid obstacles when walking, and can keep up with fast-moving things.

parents do this

to prevent trauma: the baby’s activity is increasing. If he doesn’t know how to protect himself, it is easy to cause eye trauma between chasing and collision. Because the baby can’t express, if there is trauma, parents had better take the child to the hospital for detailed examination by an ophthalmologist.

good reading posture: most children can read books, so they should establish good reading habits. Eyes and books should be kept at 30 ~ 35cm. Rest for 10 minutes every 20 ~ 30 minutes. Don’t read in a shaking car or in direct sunlight.

first vision examination: the baby can receive the first vision examination after reaching the age of 3. Before taking the child for examination, teach the child to understand the vision checklist and how to read it.


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