Ways to get rid of your glasses

Abstract: find a scene 3 meters away (such as calligraphy and painting on the wall), raise your left hand and straighten it slightly higher from your eyes (about 30 cm), see the palm and hand lines, then see the distant objects, move your eyes between them as quickly as possible and go back and forth 20 times.

1. Distant gaze:

Find a grass or green tree 10 meters away: green is imaged before the retina due to its short wavelength, which can promote eye regulation and relaxation, eye ciliary muscle relaxation and reduce eye fatigue. Do not squint or blink. Eliminate distractions, concentrate and concentrate on staring for 25 seconds to identify the outline of grass leaves or leaves. Then put the palm of your left hand slightly higher than 30 cm in front of your eyes and see the palmprint one by one from beginning to end for about 5 seconds. After reading the palmprint, stare at the grass or leaves in the distance for 25 seconds, and then look at the palmprint. Repeat 20 times in 10 minutes, three times a day. For those with severe vision loss, increase the number of training.

2. Crystal gymnastics

blink: hold your cheeks with both hands and let your eyes rotate 10 times in the order of up, down, left and right, and then rotate 10 times counterclockwise and clockwise respectively.

find a scene 3 meters away (such as calligraphy and painting on the wall), raise your left hand and straighten it slightly higher from your eyes (about 30 cm), see the palm and hand lines, then see the distant objects, move your eyes between them as quickly as possible and go back and forth for 20 times.

3. Massage

Take sitting or supine, close your eyes naturally, and then massage the acupoints around your eyes in turn. It is required that the acupoints should be taken accurately, the manipulation should be light and slow, and the degree of local acid swelling should be considered.

1. Kneading Tianying acupoint: gently knead Tianying acupoint (under the eyebrow and at the outer upper corner of the orbit) with the thumb of both hands.

2. Squeeze Jingming acupoint: gently knead Jingming acupoint (at the base of the nose close to the inner canthus of both eyes) with the thumb of one hand, first press down, and then squeeze


upward 3. Rubbing Sibai acupoints: rub the Sibai acupoints in the center of the cheek with your index finger (the lower edge of the orbit is straight to the lower cross finger).

4. Press the temple and scrape the orbit round: press the temple with your thumb (the middle of the eyebrow tip and the outer corner of the eye is at the back of the horizontal finger), then gently scrape the orbit with the inner surface of the second section of the bent index finger, from inner upper – > outer upper – > outer lower – > inner lower, so as to massage the points around the orbit, such as the waist of bamboo fish, silk and bamboo emptiness, few pupils, behind the ball, sobbing, etc. it is good for pseudomyopia or preventing the deepening of myopia.

Eye rotation can improve eyesight

my eyesight in middle age was 0.3 in the left eye and 1.0 in the right eye. After more than 20 years of early and late eye rotation exercise, my binocular eyesight in physical examination in recent 3 years was 1.5. The method is as follows: sit on the bed or chair, turn your eyes to the left for 3 times, look straight ahead for a moment (silently count 5), turn your eyes to the left for 3 times, and look straight ahead for a moment. Turn twice in the morning and evening every day without interruption. Stick to it for a long time, and you will see the effect.

elderly vision care

old friends are old and rare, and their eyesight is still good. When I wash my face every morning (the water temperature is slightly higher, so it’s better not to scald my skin), I soak a towel first and apply hot compress on my eyes and temples for about a minute or two. I’ve been doing it for decades. At the time of my wife’s death, I washed my face with tears all day. Thinking about myself is like blindness. Its pain will be unimaginable. So I felt comfortable in my eyes after applying it every day. This is also a blessing.

chrysanthemums are eye friendly

for friends who often have to face computers, their eye health will be greatly threatened. Some people drink a lot of water before going to bed in order to moisturize their dry eyes, but the next morning, their eyes will be swollen. Here we introduce a popular method to our friends, which can not only effectively protect the eyes, but also avoid the embarrassment caused by eye edema – using clean cotton dipped in Chrysanthemum water around the eyes can quickly eliminate edema.


chrysanthemums are effective in treating dry eyes, fatigue and blurred vision. It has been known in China since ancient times that chrysanthemums can protect eyes. Therefore, in addition to smearing your eyes, you may as well often make some chrysanthemum tea. If you can drink three or four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it can not only eliminate the symptoms of eye fatigue, but also help to restore your eyesight. There are many kinds of


chrysanthemums. People who don’t know the way often choose chrysanthemums with white and large flowers. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The real choice should be those with small, ugly and yellow flowers. It’s best not to add tea to chrysanthemum tea. Just soak the dried chrysanthemum in water or boil it to drink. Hot drinks in winter and cold drinks in summer taste very good.

the elderly are not dazzled.

my neighbor’s aunt is in her 60s and has been dazzled. Her mother told me a few years ago: look ahead, turn your eyes forward for 3 times, and then turn them back for 3 times. After finishing, do eye exercises again, and do it twice a day. She insisted for several years. Now she can wear needles, read books and newspapers without reading glasses.


I contracted red eye disease when swimming last summer. My eyes were burning and painful. I couldn’t even read books and newspapers. When I got home, the old mother quickly took out the chrysanthemums and put them on the boiling blisters. First, she smoked my eyes with water. When the water vapor was gone, she poured out half of the chrysanthemum water for me to drink, and the other half dipped gauze in water to wash my eyes. Three or four times a day, the chrysanthemum will be replaced when it is light. After two days of treatment, my red eye disease will be cured.

four exercise methods to protect eyesight

first, turn your eyes

choose a quiet place, or sit or stand, relax your whole body, eliminate distractions, open your eyes, keep your head and neck motionless, and turn your eyes alone. First gaze directly below, slowly turn to the left, then turn to the top of the gaze, to the right, and finally return to the bottom of the gaze. In this way, first turn clockwise for 9 turns. Then turn your eyes from staring down, to the right, to the top, to the left, and then back to the bottom. In this way, turn 6 times counterclockwise. Four times in total. Every time you turn, the eyeball should reach the limit as much as possible. This blink method can exercise eye muscles, improve nutrition, and make eyes flexible and bright.

II. Eye breathing and concentration method

choose a place with fresh air, or sitOr stand, relax your whole body, look straight ahead, slowly absorb the air, open your eyes, stop for a moment, and then slowly exhale the air, and slowly close your eyes for 9 times in a row.

III. eye ironing method

this method is best to sit and relax the whole body, close your eyes, and then quickly rub your hands against each other to generate heat. Cover your eyes with your hands while it is hot. After the heat dissipates, your hands suddenly open and your eyes open at the same time. This method can promote eye blood circulation and metabolism for 3 ~ 5 times.

IV. eye washing method

first disinfect the washbasin, pour in warm water, adjust the water temperature, put your face into the water, open your eyes in the water, move your eyes up, down, left and right for 9 times, and then rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise for 9 times. At first, when water enters the eyes, the eyes are very uncomfortable, but with the rotation of the eyes, the eyes will slowly feel very comfortable. When doing this, if you feel difficult to breathe, you might as well lift your face from the basin and take a deep breath outside. This method can wash away harmful substances and dust in eyes, is also effective for mild cataract, and can improve the degree of ametropia of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.


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