Wearing glasses, the degree of myopia is still deepening? Not alarmist~

Abstract: myopia is caused by axial elongation. Especially when teenagers are in the period of growth and development, the deepening of myopia is inevitable, which is uncontrollable. But in addition to this, there are some controllable factors that cause the deepening of myopia after wearing glasses. The poor eyesight rate of

teenagers is rising year by year. Taking Shanghai as an example, the poor eyesight rate of primary school students has reached 30% – 50%, that of junior middle school students has reached 70% – 80%, and that of senior high school students has reached 80% – 90%. Individual classes are even “wiped out”. The popularity of


electronic products, the increase of academic pressure, bad eye habits and many factors make children wear glasses early. But even so, some children’s myopia is still increasing year by year, which makes some parents wonder: is wearing glasses useful?

the meaning of wearing myopia glasses

many parents believe that wearing glasses will make children form dependence on glasses and increase the degree of myopia. In fact, on the contrary, wearing glasses will not deepen the degree of myopia, but to prevent or slow down the development of myopia. After myopia reaches a certain degree, in the case of not wearing glasses, if myopia wants to see distant objects, it must squint, which will cause excessive fatigue of muscles inside and outside the eyes and accelerate the development of myopia. Glasses can correct vision, so that the eyes can get a clear image, so as to avoid eye fatigue to a certain extent.

but it should be noted that wearing glasses will not reduce the degree of myopia. The function of glasses is to correct vision, The development of myopia (axial) is due to the elongation of the eye axis, which is a kind of eye deformation, which is irreversible. Therefore, parents should not give up wearing glasses because wearing glasses can not reduce the degree of myopia.

why do some people wear glasses and the degree of myopia is still deepening?

As mentioned above, myopia is caused by the elongation of the ocular axis. Especially when teenagers are in the period of growth and development, the deepening of myopia is inevitable, which is uncontrollable. But in addition to this, there are some controllable factors that cause the deepening of myopia after wearing glasses. Reasons for


: people still don’t pay attention to eye hygiene after wearing glasses. Long-term close eye use will increase the degree of myopia. Matching glasses is only a means, and developing good eye habits is the key. Reasons for


: some people temporarily lose their eyesight due to potential eye diseases, but mistakenly wear myopia glasses because of myopia. The delay of illness leads to a sharp decline in eyesight. Reason 3 for


: inaccurate optometry. Many parents fail to go to a professional hospital for medical optometry after their children’s myopia, resulting in inaccurate degree of glasses fitting. If they wear inaccurate myopia glasses, the degree of myopia will deepen. Four reasons for


: there is no difference between true and false myopia. Because teenagers have strong eye adjustment ability, they need mydriatic optometry to check the accuracy of their eyes. Many children can’t see clearly. In fact, they are pseudomyopia, which doesn’t need to wear glasses. If pseudomyopia is corrected with glasses as true myopia, it will develop into true myopia over time.

good habit to slow down the deepening of myopia

when reading or using your eyes for a long time, remember to rest your eyes for 10 minutes every 40-50 minutes. You can find an open place to look into the distance and relax.

when you can’t find a broad prospect to do telescopic exercise, you might as well close your eyes for 10 minutes, which is also very effective. Or when you feel tired and tired, you should close your eyes and rest. After all, full rest is the best eye health care method.

participating in outdoor sports is also a good habit of eye protection. If you can keep the good habit of exercising every day, you can not only relieve your spirit and exercise, but also an ideal way to relax your eyes.

take off your glasses and say byebye

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femtosecond laser surgery is not affected by corneal curvature. It is a great gospel for myopia friends whose myopia is too deep or whose cornea is too thin to accept traditional laser surgery.

7. Iris positioning, accurate navigation and accurate cutting

make use of the unique uniqueness of iris to accurately locate the treatment site during operation, independently correct the displacement of pupil center from detection to treatment, and guide laser cutting more accurately.


8. The wavefront difference guides the individualized perfect correction of


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