What a mess! Do eye exercises every day, and your eyesight is getting worse and worse? I’ve been wrong all these years

Original title: too bad! Do eye exercises every day, and your eyesight is getting worse and worse? It turns out that these years I have made mistakes in

To protect my eyesight and prevent myopia. Now I begin to do eye exercises…

Every year with familiar music. Why is my child’s eyesight getting worse and worse?

Because you didn’t do it right!

Do eye exercises for 5 minutes, but spend 2 hours on homework.

Everyone should know that close eye use is the main factor leading to the occurrence and aggravation of myopia. Close eye use includes what we are familiar with: reading, doing homework, playing with mobile phones, etc. When we look close, we need to add a certain degree of myopia to our eyes, just like doing sports, we need “continuous force”.

“Sustained exertion” for too long will lead to ciliary muscle tension, then cause abnormal regulation and develop into pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia can also be eliminated by potions and adjusting habits. However, if pseudomyopia is not intervened, it will develop into true myopia.

Eye exercises do relax the eyes and improve eye blood circulation, but the effect of eye exercises in just 5 minutes is limited. You know, children can sit at their desks, read and do their homework for hours every day.

Even if they do eye exercises, they often don’t do it in place.

In addition to the short time of eye exercises, the posture of children doing eye exercises is also strange. Some rub their nose, some touch their eyebrows, and some simply rub their eyes.

Correct eye exercises not only need accurate acupoints, but also strength in place. At present, most children do eye exercises in school, which is closer to facial massage.

If you can’t do it yet, learn it quickly!

Overlook and relax, simple and effective.

To improve the fatigue caused by long-time and close eye use, in fact, there is no need for any complex massage and medication. Overlooking is a convenient and effective means. Generally, you can use your eyes for 40 minutes at a close distance and have a rest for 5-10 minutes. The principle of “20-20-20” can also be adopted every 20 minutes, Look up 20 feet (6 meters away) and relax your eyes for at least 20 seconds.

During recess, encourage children to go out of the classroom for outdoor activities and free their eyes from looking close.

Usually, you can participate in table tennis, badminton, basketball and other physical exercise projects that need eye tracking and switching focus from far to near.

If possible, you can walk to school, let your eyes receive sunlight stimulation and prevent myopia.

Learning is important

But myopia is also a lifelong thing

If you don’t want to wear glasses all the time, start from now on to form good habits!