What are the factors that cause myopia?

What causes myopia? Nowadays, there are more and more myopic people, especially teenagers, whose eyesight problem is more and more serious. There are not only myopia, but also astigmatism and other problems. So what are the main causes of vision problems?

1.Genetic reason: if one parent’s myopia is more than 600 degrees, the offspring may have inherited myopia.

What are the factors that cause myopia?

2.Disease or physical factors: for example, suffering from acute and chronic infectious diseases, measles, smallpox, pneumonia, lens edema, diabetes, etc., may lead to myopia.

3.Dietary factors: partial diet, lack of nutrition, protein and vitamin deficiency, especially the deficiency of vitamin A, VB2 and VB1 may lead to myopia. Children eat too much high sugar and spicy food.

4.The light is too dark. Generally speaking, too dark light is very harmful to eye health. However, many people turn off the indoor light whether they are watching TV or playing computer. However, this behavior is very easy to cause eye diseases, so myopia is caused by this.

5.The distance is too close. Nowadays, many children and students prefer to sit forward when watching TV. For them, they can see more clearly, but this phenomenon is really very bad, because the strong light emitted by the TV screen will cause great stimulation to the children’s eyes, which will lead to the occurrence of myopia in children over time.

6.The time is too long. In general, our eyes should not pay attention to a thing for a long time, especially watching TV or playing computer. Because long time contact with TV and computer will cause serious damage to children’s optic nervous system, and also affect their physical and mental health, which is very easy to cause myopia.

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