What are the food therapy methods for night blindness

Abstract: what are the food therapy methods for night blindness? Night blindness is a common eye disease. With the improvement of quality of life, more and more people pay attention to diet therapy. What are the diet therapy methods for night blindness?, Let’s introduce it to you:

what are the food therapy methods of

night blindness? 1. Eating apples often can prevent night blindness. 2. Fresh crucian carp, wash, stew crucian carp soup, eat fish and drink soup. 3. 60 ~ 90g fresh spinach and 120g pig liver, the same as soup. 4. Appropriate amount of pig liver, carrot, scallion and salt. 5. 2 pairs of chicken liver, 15g of grain essence grass and 10g of Yeming sand. Wash the chicken liver, put Tonggu refined grass and Yeming sand into a basin, add a small amount of water and steam. Eat liver and drink juice. 6. 150g pheasant meat and 50g carrots, each cut into shreds. Heat the oil pan, stir fry the scallion to give the flavor, stir fry with double filaments, add refined salt, soy sauce and other seasonings, and then fry until cooked. 7. 150g beef liver and 15g Atractylodes rhizome are boiled in decoction. 8. 200g pig liver and 150g fresh Lycium barbarum leaves. First wash and cut the pig liver, cook it with Lycium barbarum leaves, drink soup and eat liver. 9. 2 fresh rabbit livers, cut into pieces, let go of the water and cook until half cooked, then add 1 egg, season with a little salt oil, cook and eat. 10. Slice 60g of sheep liver, fry it with scallions for a moment, boil it with water in a pot, add 100g of rice, cook until the rice blooms, and then add sheep liver to cook. 11. 100g pig liver, wash and slice, add appropriate amount of water, and cook soup over low heat. After the liver is cooked, add 10g Douchi and 2 scallions, and then beat 2 eggs after boiling. 12. One cock liver and one small cup of honey. The cock liver is steamed without washing and honey. 13. 15 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, fried in water. 14. Appropriate amount of pig liver and leek. Cook the two flavors together without salt. 15. 150g sweet potato leaves and 200g sheep liver. Wash the sweet potato leaves, chop them, slice the sheep liver, and cook with water.