What are the reasons for pupils’ myopia? What are the precursors of children’s myopia

Abstract: there are many pupils with myopia now. With the progress of the times, science and technology are constantly updating. All things have advantages and disadvantages. While high-tech products bring us convenience, they also create some problems that can not be ignored. Children’s myopia is a typical problem that should be paid attention to.

we always hope for the development of science and technology. Yes, a country’s development of science and technology is an essential step, but the development of the history of science and technology will still produce some side effects. Children are the treasures of the family. Many parents know that they are used to their children, give them whatever they want, and give them any electronic products to play with. We all know that children love to play by nature. Moreover, children have weak self-control and can’t control when playing. At this time, parents should control it to avoid causing some unnecessary trouble.

now many primary school students have the phenomenon of myopia. Myopia at such a young age is inseparable from bad living habits. Of course, myopia caused by those genetic factors is excluded. Children’s use time is too long, strong color, bright and fixed stimulate children’s retina, resulting in children’s eye fatigue, which will produce pseudomyopia and become true myopia over time. Watch tv. Reading posture is wrong, too long is also an important factor leading to children’s myopia, and the brightness of eye time will have a certain impact on the eyes.

myopia always has a process, and this process is usually from never myopia to pseudomyopia, from pseudomyopia to true myopia. Pseudomyopia can be recovered, while true myopia can only be corrected by surgery. So we have to take some measures to avoid myopia when we have pseudomyopia. When children squint at things, they should pay attention. This is a precursor of myopia. Children often rub their eyes with their hands, blink and look at things with their heads tilted. These are signs of impending myopia, which must be paid attention to.


children will have more opportunities to use their eyes after they go to kindergarten. At this time, parents and teachers need to pay more attention to their children and give them correct learning posture and methods to avoid myopia. In early childhood, the child’s eyes are not fully developed and his working ability is low. Every time the child writes and reads for half an hour to an hour, pay attention to let the child have more rest. At this time, don’t let him study for too long to avoid serious consequences. Where children read and write, the light must be appropriate, not too dark and not too bright.